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Monday, December 6, 2010

Confronting Your Feelings

 By Darlene Peltz


Are you standing in the middle of your living space, looking at a pile of papers and magazines, a few pairs of shoes, a pillow or two out-of-place, a few empty glasses on tables in front of the TV - in general, clutter - things without a special place, are adding to your feelings of unrest.
Would you believe me if I said, "unload your stuff and unleash your unwanted pounds" or clear your clutter and regain your lost energy so you can feel better? Everyone fights with clutter - in a world of too much stuff and not enough room, it's a universal problem.
Improving how you feel can be only a waste-basket away. Clutter zaps your energy and makes you feel icky and depressed. To feel better and lose weight, rid yourself of unwanted clutter by employing the following methods:
1. Time management - remember that your clutter didn't come rushing into your living space all at once while you were out visiting friends. Clutter sneaks in a little at a time, and tends to take over if not harnessed as it comes in. Remember to "put away don't put down" - take your time and pace yourself - work one room or space at a time. A small thing, first, put the dishes in the dishwasher, clear your cupboards, and make them shine.
2. Next, pick that one space you spend a lot of time in, where you entertain guests and begin. It matters little where you start, the important thing is that you start and finish that space before moving on to other spaces.
3. Clutter has been known to cause anxiety, weight gain, and headaches, not to mention depression. It can have a powerful influence over you and the well-being of your home and family. Your guests will stay a lot longer and enjoy their visit much more when your clutter is gone.
4. Gather trash bags and empty boxes - go through each room in your living spaces and start tossing your unwanted items in the bags or boxes. Find a place for all your things and put them in their own space.
In little or no time your clutter will be gone and you will be feeling a lot lighter as your disposition is altered by the neatness surrounding you.
Once finished going through your home and replacing the disorder of your clutter, remove the trash bags, get them out of your place and empty any boxes that held stuff that could punch holes in your bags. You might want to use your spare boxes for things going to good-will or Arc; maybe your church has a shelter-closet for those in need that you could donate to.
We can always recycle. Your trash could be someone else's treasure - people are always in need of discarded items that you might have two or three of - some people call it re-gifting, however, if you tell your friends you are clearing clutter, they might be in need of some of your stuff.
Now that you're done, sit back with a soft drink, and enjoy your new surroundings - getting rid of the icky feeling your clutter was causing will make your whole house feel new.
"Everything we possess that is not necessary for life or happiness becomes a burden, and scarcely a day passes that we do not add to it." ~ Robert Brault said this, but now that you know what you can live without, you have no fear of becoming "overstuffed" again.

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