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Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Guide to Getting What You Want

By Frank R Godinez


Millions of people suffer from low self-esteem to the point where it adversely affects their relationships, work prospects, body image and quality of life. According to research, these are people who are always eager to put their own needs to make other people happy. They are also their own worst critics and are constantly worried about what people will say about them. If you realize that you're suffering from such a negative self-image, follow the suggestions below to change your life.
Have no regrets
Chances are that every single person has some regrets in his life; it may be turning down a lucrative job, not taking the opportunity to study further or even choosing the wrong business partner. If you allow it, constantly having regrets can cause such unhappiness that'll weigh you down and obstruct you from finding any joy in life. Try, instead, to focus on what you can do to change your situation so that you're no longer preoccupied with thoughts of how 'useless' you think you are. For instance, imagine that you've always dreamed of being a published author. Five years ago, you completed a manuscript and sent it out to agents and publishers. Only, all of them rejected the manuscript. Instead of having regrets about making your submission in the first place, look at the reasons why your manuscript was rejected. You might find that some of them will help you improve it when you rewrite the manuscript.
Attitude rehab
Look around you and you'll see that successful people have great attitudes and are very positive in nature. As such, if you'd like to change the direction that your life is taking, adopt such a positive attitude as well. Here are some ways to help you do this:
1. Increase your quota of fun - this means making sure that 75 percent of your life is entertaining and enjoyable.
2. Make a fool of yourself - while you may think this is ridiculous, it's actually the best thing you can do because it makes you human to others and helps you to take life less seriously.
3. Admitting ignorance - saying "I don't know" is an attitude eye-opener because it releases you from having to pretend that you're in the know all the time.
4. Starting again - people don't like to start anything all over again because they feel that since they've failed once, they're a complete failure. This is simply not true. When you start again, you're accepting that, from this moment on, you and your life are going to be different and you'll feel exhilarated immediately.

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