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Friday, December 3, 2010

Helping Others and Becoming More Self-Confident

 By Todd Jennings


Each man has his own personal drama which is his life. We are often so focused on ourselves and our selfish needs that we forget to help others. If you are only obsessed with yourself is almost impossible not to find flaws that will shake your self-confidence and you will soon feel depressed. It is time to move your focus to the outer world and see if you can help others. Are you giving something to the world? If not what could you do to improve the world you live in? I am not talking only about helping the poor or the needy, though this, done selfishly, will give you immense joy. I am talking about contributing somehow to the well-being of others.
Once you start to move your focus to the outside world, you will forget about whatever bothered you before. Moreover, the process of giving is often followed by personal recognition and success. This will boost your self-confidence to new levels. There is a trick though. If you do it with the goal of being successful and recognized it will never work, but if you are honest about what you are doing you will be amazed of the results.
This small switch in focus helps you think outside the box and come up with creative solutions for helping others and unknowingly, yourself. When you are just limited to your life and your problems your vision is limited and you cannot push personal development as high as you would like.
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