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Friday, December 10, 2010

How to Understand Wealth And Success

 By Linda Ding


Improve the quality of wealth. Nowadays, each person pursues for wealth while every individual has different opinions and attitude towards wealth. Scientist Yuan Longping confessed that his yearly salary is over 0. 3 million yuan, however, he said that money is made to use. You should make use of money when it is necessary to use. No waste. No mean. I consider that his perspective about money is very smart and intensive. Bill Gates is the richest person in the world, he donated a huge sum of fund to disaster area. This kind of tolerance in fact has already explained the essence of wealth while has surpassed it.
Of course, it is impossible that each person can become someone like Bill Gates or Li Jiacheng, nevertheless, we should inspire the essence of wealth from these men and realize that wealth is not equal to income. That is to say, if you earn one million per year and you spend all of them, you didn't become rich, you just improved your quality of life. Understand?Wealth is something you calculate instead of something you spend. Besides, I'd like to stress that this kind of calculation contains the gains of spirit and emotion.
Wealth is only a part of success. There is a proverb said that people don't confine to things. It means that people who are excellent and intelligent won't restrict to objects, they won't become the slaves of money. Actually, there are a majority of goals for us to pursue except wealth. For example, we pursue for healthy body, happy family, real good friends, nice mood, rich experience about the world, etc. It is obvious that wealth just occupies very small part of the index of success.
People who understand the real meaning of success have a mind as open as a valley and compatible charm. These two elements are the fundamental elements of walking toward to success. In addition, winners can understand treasure, grace and feedback. They are able to assist others through their own strength and make contributions to society.
There are still a lot of points of wealth and success I will discuss with you in the next article. I wish you would like it.
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