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Sunday, December 12, 2010

How To Stop Stress Right Now

By Vincent Reed


One of the most stressful moment I have was last Christmas and I was working in a retail shop, and it was the peak season that there are so many sale going on. And people are rushing and buying and asking for information and asking for more attention. I have reach to the peak of being stress that one of my colleagues as me a simple question and I shouted at her with so many customers with no reason at all and customers all look at me. I was so embarrassed that I went to the storeroom to think what really have I done.It was really a bad thing that I did.
It made me do things I should not have done because I could not handle stress. Maybe you have experience something similar, or something differently, something you have asked yourself of why you have done it. And at the end you have regretted it and asked to the people we hurt to forgive us because we are just to pressure of the stress.
I know we have our bad days and sometimes work seem to overtake us in everything. We have no time for friends, for families for our loved ones that we have more pressure on our life that develops us to become stress.
Usually some of the ways and good methods to stop stress is relaxation technique. Music or audio relaxation is a great help to reduce stress.Listen to it every time you go sleep and it will penetrated your subconscious mind to let you feel and release the stress that has clogging your mind.
There are also massage therapy and aroma therapy,both combination in some spa salon will give you the relaxation of mind and body that will regenerates your mind and energy.
You could also try chocolates to ease out the mind, chocolates have some kind neurotransmitters. These certain neurotransmitters can release the endorphins that tells the brain the chocolate is a comfort food.
Or for the ladies you could also try shopping. I have so many lady friends who shop a lot just to release the stress that they have. It works for them. But do not use these one if you are on a tight budget.
If you are still too much of stress, then I think it's better to consult your doctor.
For me the one that really works for me is the program that I use are subliminal Audio. These audio penetrates the subconscious mind whiles we are sleeping.Subliminal Audio will rewrite your mind of how you think and how your mood is and hot to handle things. I just turned them on and go to sleep, in a matter days you could see results of how your mood is and how you're thinking works.
You could also download 3 subliminal albums and our an exclusive ebook for free.
Check this out.
If it works for me. It will also work for you.

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