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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How to Create an Opportunity for Yourself Easily

 By Billy Harvey


Some of us believe that people are born "lucky" in life. Others believe that you create your own luck in business as you go along. Which of these two schools of thought do you belong to?
Have you noticed how some people are luckier than others in the opportunities they land for themselves? Does it seem to you, those lucky ones always seem to land on their feet? - every time! Even more interestingly, when they do get setbacks (everyone does) they seem to bounce back and get back on track quicker than most.
Some people in business have the knack of being in the right place at the right time. These people usually make a success of things because they know how to create opportunities for themselves. Those who do, have several strengths in common with each other.
Here are some of them - they are people who are:.
• Open minded
• Optimistic in life
• Positive thinkers
• Likely see problems as temporary setbacks rather brick walls
• Enthusiastic
• Courageous
• Determined
Here is an exercise to help you create an opportunity for yourself.
Which of the above qualities do you possess? What other winning qualities do you have? You may benefit from input from others who know and believe in you. Write down as many as you can, the more the better! You will feel more positive about yourself, and if you don't you are underestimating yourself, so do yourself a favour and get your pen busy now!
Would you like to be able to attract an opportunity that could make a significant difference to your life?
Here are some tips on how you can make this happen:
• Never dismiss an offer or introduction before you truly understand what you might be turning away. You could be giving that opportunity to someone else. What is the point of that?
• Practice regular exercises to keep your intuition sharp. That means you are better equipped to know a good opportunity when you see or hear of one.
• Understand that those who "get on in life" consider opportunities even when they are already very busy. They are never too busy to keep new chances in the pipeline to their business.
• Move in the right circles. Speak with like- minded individuals and learn what is currently on offer.
• Keep your banker in your bigger picture - banks and lenders are inspired by those with initiative. They are more likely to support you with a new opportunity when it presents itself if you already have them on board in your way of thinking. It demonstrates initiative and creativity. They admire that.
• When assessing an opportunity to see if it is right for you - do not judge its potential on other peoples past results. You could be much more successful than they were at doing the same thing.
• Research, research, research.
"Nothing in this world is as powerful as an idea whose time has come." - Victor Hugo
Take time to think about how ready you are to consider any new opportunity that comes your way. Will you ignore it so that the opposition in business benefits instead? Or will you take time to fully understand the opportunity you might be rejecting before doing so.
Be an opportunist today. You have everything to gain!
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