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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Are You Suffering from Major Depression?

 By: Clyde Rodriguez


Nowadays most of the people feel sad due to the problems they face. This is what is called depression. We are living in a world of sadness.

Of course losing your job and facing home foreclosure or just wondering if it's going to happen to you next can make anyone depressed! But these things cannot accurately be called major depression; there's more to the condition than just feeling anxious and afraid.

The outside factors also play a role in influencing the brain to release the right amount of certain chemicals which are very important. These chemicals help the brain to regulate. This is called major depression.

There are many different types of depression, from postpartum depression which of course occurs after a woman has had a baby, as well as bipolar disorder which is marked by wild mood swings of euphoria to near suicidal thoughts, and many other types in between.

Major depression is one of the most severe forms of depression as it is marked by extreme low moods. A person with this condition may not necessarily be suicidal but struggles every day just with getting out of bed, and not just on the worst of Mondays but also when they even have something fun and enjoyable planned.

Patients with major depression often see no point to any activity, even hobbies they once enjoyed. They may also have no feelings towards those around them; they often feel numbness rather than closeness when it comes to their spouse and even their own children. Very often things they would have once taken care of now are ignored, and this might include their own personal care and hygiene.

Depression with it brings other emotional distress. It is rather difficult to tackle the disease and it is terrible when the patient’s family doesn’t support. People think that you will also end up in depression if they help the patient.

It is very drastic for the patient to undergo everything alone without any support. We need to understand that this condition was not chosen by the patient but it is a disease. Also the patient needs to abide by his responsibilities and not give up.

Proper medication needs to be taken when it comes to this condition. You need not feel shy about your condition if you want to get better. Also now we have more than enough products in the market which will help you get better soon with very few side effects than before.

If you are experiencing symptoms of major depression, then you must find a cure for depression as soon as possible. If you delay, you will only make things worse. So stop thinking, and start taking action on it!
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