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Friday, December 3, 2010

Learning Like A Champ - How To Rev Up Your Learning Skills

 By Kyle Majors


The ability to learn is not just something people are born with, it is actually a skill in and of itself. This means that if you can improve your skill for learning, you can improve every thing else in your life!
Let's face it, in order to learn anything, it is going to take a certain amount of time. Go ahead and check your schedule now and figure out the best way to put your new learning project into that busy calendar of yours.
Getting to the top of any field takes a lot of work, and in the realm of learning, this work is called "practice." Tiger Woods wasn't just born with an amazing golf game, neither was Michael Jordan born with the ability to nail a three pointer while falling down, similarly Warren Buffett wasn't just struck with genius. These people all had something in common: lots of practice!
There is an old saying "practice makes perfect", this has been shown to be false, because if you practice every day trying putting with a massive swing you'll never sink a putt, you've got to practice with the proper form. Where does the proper form come from? People who are better than you. You can find out how they do it by watching them, reading their books, listening to their audios, writing them a letter, whatever you can do to learn from the best.
The best way to learn is to do it in a creative fashion. What this means is that the simple sit behind a desk while someone lectures you is most likely not the best way. Create Mind Maps, draw pictures, make homemade films, do a plays, create a rap song, etc. Making something memorable is just that - making it easier to remember!
It is essential once you get into the arena of higher level learning that you take the proper amount of breaks and get enough rest at night. Nobody can beat burnout, so it's best to just take steps to avoid it and always perform at your best.
You've gotta want it! If you're only learning Spanish because it's an academic requirement, it's going to be a lot harder than if you're learning it because you have your eye on a beautiful Latina girl. Re-frame your new endeavor if necessary to make it at least seem like something you actually want to do.
Most importantly: Have Fun with it! Imagine what you'll be able to accomplish with your new skills and abilities and make a difference. :)
Learning is a skill that you can improve, visit our website at to find out how to utilize your brain to its maximum!

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