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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Is It Possible To Read Minds? Are Women More Adept?

 By Mike Bond


The broad question was; 'Is it possible to read minds?' That was twenty years ago, and the researchers are still hard at it! By the way, this has nothing to do with the C.I.A. or the Russians. These tests were carried out at the University of Texas at Arlington.
However, the next question they thought was obvious. 'Are women more adept than men at interpreting other people's thoughts and feelings?' This was based, of course, on the stereotype of the 'woman's intuition.' But try as they might, the researchers could find no basis in fact for this at all. They carried out seven studies, but found that the differences between the sexes were negligible.
They tried it in studies of opposite sex strangers, same sex strangers, all male versus all female groups; every possible combination they could think of. They even tried the tests in North Carolina and New Zealand, of all places. But no. There proved to be no difference.
By this time, they'd started to conclude that this business of 'woman's intuition' was purely a myth. However, they carried out three more studies at Arlington and to their amazement, the women showed up far better than the men. So they had seven studies, one after the other, showing no difference, then three more showing a large difference in favour of the women. What was happening?
A graduate student was detailed to find out why. It turned out that in the first seven tests, it hadn't been made clear to the subjects that their empathic ability was being tested. Then they tried three more tests, but this time they made it perfectly clear that their empathic abilities were being assessed. This had a very direct effect on the women.
They knew that they were supposed to have this female intuition, and the results improved considerably. Then the researchers checked their findings. They undertook the 'old' method, where they didn't tell the subjects anything about the empathic tests and indeed the gender difference was negligible.
Then a study using the 'new' procedure, and in this one, the subjects were asked for self-ratings of empathic accuracy. The gender difference made itself apparent once more. In other words, it was possible for the researchers to 'turn off' the gender difference by simply not telling the subjects about their empathic tests.
On the other hand, they could turn the switch back on, as it were, but making the empathic test perfectly clear. So the findings suggested that while, under normal circumstances, the average woman has no more empathic ability than the average man, once her motivation is heightened, then she exceeds the man's ability quite considerably.
So it follows that it's up to the woman to keep herself 'switched on' at all times that she's going to require her empathy. We strongly recommend you switch yourself on and travel over to Mike Bond's website, The Hypnosis Attraction. There, you'll find everything you can possibly need for improving your mind with programmes like stopping smoking, losing weight, plans for success, etc

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