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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Why Have Self-Discipline Techniques?

  By Allyn Goldstein


To apply a self-discipline technique is a technique in itself!
Applying a technique depends on what you are attempting to accomplish, whether it is bringing up children, playing a sport, learning a musical instrument, doing art work, painting or any laborious work.
There are techniques for having outstanding accomplishments, and there are certain
stages one goes through in learning a technique.
What works best is having a coach or mentor supporting you in a self-discipline technique.
Well, who is that?
This would be someone who has that specific technique you are looking for.
It could be a past or present professional athlete showing you how to throw a baseball, and how to have a certain intention of how the ball is going to pass through the air. Then explain how the ball is going to end up in the catcher's glove.
This one pitch of the ball requires many hours of practice. And practice, practice, practice is the
self-discipline one has to engage in to master a technique.
And remember, the self-discipline technique has to be observed and worked on consistently. And being consistent is critical. Doing the correct technique over and over until you are a master at it.
You would need a method of how you practice. It would be a system.. This would be your self-discipline technique.
You would consistently be making a conscious effort learning the technique until it becomes totally an unconscious effort.
At that time you are as one says "in the zone", using your self-discipline technique.
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