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Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Best Ever Tips For Self Motivation In Life



Motivation is the process of directing ones focus, concentration, skill, and talent towards attaining a common task or goal. The motivation can come from an internal or external source. The former is the technique of motivating by self and is also called as Self motivation. External motivation refers to the influence of an external source or factor to motivate an individual in accomplishing a task or goal. Without proper motivation, no one can succeed in life. In order to be successful in life, one needs to have a proper vision, has to dream big, must be hungry for success, must be able to stand on his or her own leg under any circumstance, and must be willing to accept pain.

One who doesn't have proper motivation in life ends up being the loser while the one that is motivated becomes the winner. Turning weakness into strength is very important. When a loser says, "I can't handle it", a winner says "I can and will do it". Losers are the ones that are always waiting for ideal conditions in life. But practically speaking, there are no ideal conditions in life. Winners have always succeeded in adverse conditions; they don't wait for the ideal condition in life. A winner translates dreams into reality whereas a loser translates reality into dreams.

I would like to bring up a popular quote that goes like this, "Positive thinking makes things possible". But the fact is positive thought alone doesn't guarantee success. It's only positive thinking when combined with efforts that takes you closer to success. Negative thinking only induces fear in your mind and ultimately decreases the probability of winning.

I would like to share an interesting story that I happened to read on the websites while I was surfing with my high-speed Internet connection powered by Verizon FiOS Internet. I hope all of you remember the great boxing legend Muhammad Ali. Even when he was new to professional boxing, he always got in to the ring with a great amount of positive thinking. He used to say 'I am the greatest, I am the champion'. He never doubted his abilities. He believed in himself, believed in his efforts and had only positive thoughts in his mind. When Ali looked at his opponent who held the title, he said, "You may have the title but I'm the champion". But he just didn't become a champion by saying so. He fine-tuned his mind and believed that he was the champion. Even when he was practicing, he used to say, 'I am the champion' literally every time he punched the bag. And he did become the champion one day. No wonder, his name glitters in golden letters in the history of professional boxing!

Winners put in that extra effort even when it hurts. A wrestling champion once said while practicing he felt so exhausted that he wanted to give up. But, for a moment he thought what his opponent would be doing. He pictured his opponent practicing harder for the title. So, he went back into more practice. After a long practice session, he could not take it anymore. Again, he thought for a moment what his opponent would be doing. This time, he pictured his opponent in the shower. Guess what he did? He went for more practice to get that extra edge. He was so hungry for that title and finally emerged victorious in the match!

Winners don't do different things, they do things differently. They put in that extra effort even when it hurts. Winners make the days count whereas losers count the days. Losers are the ones that always come up with a slew of excuses. You would have heard people say that they didn't have enough time to finish or that they ran out of time. That's not true; that's the excuse they give to their failure.
I would like to conclude with a quote.

"There's is nothing more powerful for self-motivation than the right attitude. You can't choose or control your circumstance, but can choose your attitude towards your circumstances". So, that's about it, friends. That's the importance of motivation in life. Find something to motivate you during difficult times; you will definitely reach great heights in life. Good luck!
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