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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Can A Panic Attack Kill You?



Relax. It won't. Let me share a little secret with you. Panic attacks aren't at all dangerous.In fact, they're even beneficial (I'll cover this at the end). You know at a panic attack is? misinterpretation of our own body's signals.
Ever heard of the fight or flight response? It's actually a DEFENSE mechanism built-in your. It's there to keep you alive and well. Not to harm you. Rest assure you're perfectly safe. But hey, don't take my word for it. Prove it to yourself.
When the next panic attack comes in, don't resist it. EMBRACE it. Let it all in. In fact, CHALLENGE it. Call it's bluff. Feel like you're suffocating? Try holding your breath for as long as you can. Counter-intuitive? Yes. Dangerous? No. Effective? ABSOLUTELY.
You see, no matter how strong your will power is, eventually your body's survival instinct will take over and FORCE you to breath. Again, you don't to take MY word for it. Try it yourself. Ask ANY doctor you know. They'll confirm it. You cannot override your body's will to LIVE.
The same goes for every BURNING sensation you might experience during your next attack. Women often tell me they feel their arm is "on fire." Ever had that? Simple solution. Again, try to focus as hard as you can to make your hand burst into flames. Send direct messages for your body to "light up" your arm. Result?
There was nothing to be afraid off to begin with. You see, all panic attacks got on you is an ILLUSION of a threat. It's not real. So stop running from your anxiety., and start CHALLENGING it instead. Every time you "call its bluff" with this method, you achieve a small victory.
You come one step closer to a life without panic attacks. And here's when it gets REAL interesting. I told you earlier panic can be beneficial remember? You see, once you overcome an inner challenge of that magnitude, you develop an inner strength that the average woman will NEVER posses.
So yes, right now your panic attacks are horrible. Your anxiety probably drives you up the walls. BUT... Once you'll overcome it, you'll have something that NO ONE could EVER take from you. Never. Not in a million years.
Your confidence will be through the roof. You'll feel empowered like never before. Just remember: Don't ever give up. There's always hope. ANYONE can recover from her anxiety. It's just a matter of how BADLY you want it.
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  1. Thanks, this made me feel so much better.