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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How To Get A 48-hour Day With A Small Plan Each Day



Not all men and women have been created equally. Some make a lot of money during their lifetime, others write books and leave behind a legacy for their children and still others make an impact that will not be forgotten for centuries and even beyond. Then there are the others who enjoy life from inheritance, and others who live a life of misery and hardship in spite of all the world belongings they have. But nature has always strived to be equal to everyone and it really does; and the most precious of the lot is time! Don't forget.

We all have the same amount time; the rich, the mighty, the poor and even babies. But how is it that some people seem to have time for everything that they attempt to do in their life? You don't have to be a genius to guess it right. Manage the 24 hours you have at your disposal efficiently and never again in your life you will again have to sayif only I had had the time...

Follow some of the basic rules you will see here, and in no time you will feel that you have 48 or more hours each dayeveryday.

We all travel a lot, for pleasure, in course of business or just for the fun of doing it. Most part of our time is spent just staring through the window of the train on which we are riding, inside the air plane or even the car if you are not driving or sometime even waiting in an air port lounge unproductively. Have you ever considered how to harness this time efficiently? Most of us simply don't. So the next time you are on a flight or waiting for one, keep a notepad or a piece of paper ready and get writing the correspondence you have been sitting upon for ages.

Is traveling the only time we all waste our time? No; we could be doing nothing sitting in our backyard chair and day dreaming. This the best time for you to answer emails remember, and that you will have to do is keep your laptop switched on and connected to the Verizon FiOS Internet, just as I do. It does not matter whether you are in the mood to work or not, the mere presence of a computer and an internet connection is enough to send you buzzing with activity. Make the most of the time this way, it should help you immensely.

Sit down to make a plan for the day and apportion time for each task that you have been procrastinating for many days. Yes I know that we will not have done everything at the end of the day, but the fact that we have done most of them should be a reason to be happy. When you write down something, you are actually doing it to remind yourself about the little things you would have forgotten. Let that be the first work you do every day, and see how much more time you are making for yourself.

Did you know that mind works best after a good night of sleep? Researchers have often proved that to be the case. But to be at your best you need to go to bed at the earliest possible and get at least 7 hours of sound sleep. The first benefit of getting early from the bed is you can do most of the chores when you are fresh and ready to work, and the other thing is, work is done more efficiently, thereby saving time.

Finally, the mother of all ideas is delegating work, even if it is a menial one to bother others, and that is the greatest idea all great businessmen do throughout the world. There is practically nothing that one cannot delegate to others; you can even leave finding a gift for your wife's birthday to a professional, rather than waste running round malls and finding the wrong ones.

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Nathan Brown is a freelance writer. Writing is a passionate affair for him, watching TV and looking for ideas on the internet with his Verizon FiOS Internet connection are his other endeavors.

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