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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Use The Strength Of Your Imagination To Overcome Any Of Life's Setbacks



If you're having trouble figuring something anything out, you're best bet is to try to stay relaxed rather than becoming annoyed. You'll then realize that by applying just a bit of creative thinking, your difficulty will start to appear less challenging. The point is that by approaching your dilemma differently you'll be open to a greater scope of possible solutions.

The core to imaginative problem-solving is to stay open-minded by genuinely believing that there may be any number of possible solutions to your problem. After all, mankind has evolved because of our ability to find solutions to problems that were formerly thought to be unsolvable.

Keeping this in mind will guide you to be slightly more creative in the way you approach life's irritations.

First of all, you will need to get a firm idea of what the problem is by clarifying each facet of it separately. You may find that the problem then becomes clearer because you'll be able to sweep away concerns that aren't really connected to the central problem. So the most important thing to do is to take a rational approach and itemize the constituent parts of the problem, making a commitment to put out of your mind any issues which are irrelevant or unimportant.

After that, in light of your clearer understanding of the real challenges involved, take a step back and make a concerted attempt to have a fresh look at your difficulty. Give yourself a shake and imagine that you've just walked in on this challenge. I find that if I make believe that the challenge belongs to another person someone I care deeply about and really want to help the problem becomes less psychologically charged and therefore much easier to tackle.

Put yourself in the shoes of someone trying to help from the 'outside in', as it were. By doing this, you'll find a key to unearthing some great new solutions that you hadn't considered before. Imagine yourself presenting one solution off the top of your head don't be concerned at this stage if the proffered solution isn't going to be effective. Just work with it.

Say to yourself: 'Well, that solution might not work for me, but what else does it suggest?' Perhaps there is a nugget of information in there that may nudge your brain to come up with a better all-round solution? Alternatively, turn the suggested solution on its head and use it to help you think of another option that may be the complete opposite. Sometimes, approaching a problem in reverse can really help.

Discuss the problem by actually speaking out loud with yourself, alternating between being you and being your imagined friend (make sure you can't be overheard!). Genuinely put yourself in the shoes first of yourself and then of the friend who is attempting to help. It may help you to inhabit each role more fully if you stand up and sit down as you 'discuss' the subject.

Of course, if at all possible, talk about the issue with a 'real' person too preferably someone you like and admire because you'll be much more likely to be open to their suggestions. You may be surprised to discover a great number of different approaches to tackling problems. Your challenge may be someone else's opportunity!

Don't expect to solve all problems right away. This procedure may take a little practice to come up with the desired results. As long as you stay with it and don't become despondent, there is always a chance that a solution will present itself. And remember, 'sleeping' on a problem genuinely does work to unlock hidden pathways to all manner of possible solutions.

My advice is to keep on trying these techniques anytime you're faced with a problem big or small. Determination is the final answer to solving your problems. Just don't give up until you've come up with a solution you're pleased with. More often than not, once you've identified the solution you'll be pleased you were presented with the problem in the first place because solving it has led you to scenarios you wouldn't have considered otherwise.

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