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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Practice Makes It Permanent



We have all heard of "practice makes perfect." Do we realize that practice makes it permanent? In this article, we will discuss how repetition forms habits and how practicing can change your life.
Repetition Forms Habits
When you are learning anything new, practicing it consistently will make it permanent. If you practice making good decisions, you will make good decisions. Adversely, if you practice making bad decisions, you will make bad decisions. Understand when we are doing anything; we are practicing that act or function.. Attorneys practice law. Doctors practice medicine. It doesn't mean that we will get it correct all the time. Practicing consistently will put you in a position to be better at what you do. Practicing is dependent on how we are shown the skill that we are attempting to master or perfect. If we are committed to developing the skill, we will practice.
Repetition doing anything forms a habit. There again, repetition is dependent on how we are taught. If you are shown the incorrect way of doing things, you will not know any different. This does not mean that you can not change if you find that you are not doing things the way you would like. It takes self-discipline to change. Therefore, if you practice self-discipline, you will be self-discipline. You can then change how you do things by practicing (repetition). It will then become a permanent part of you (habit).
Practice changes lives
A former pro basketball player depicted practice as not being valuable. For anything that you chose to be good at or the best at, practice is essential. In achieving goals in your life, you must practice. If you desire to become successful, practice being successful right now; If you desire to have happiness, practice happiness right now. It takes no more effort than practicing to be miserable or practicing to be unsuccessful. Practice is a normal fabric of life. As a parent, I practice. My younger son benefits from the learning my wife and I experienced with his older brother. Or better yet, we benefit from the experience.
We still practice with both of our sons because we want to be the best parents. I practice being a great father so that I will be a great father. I practice being a great husband so that I will be a great husband. I practice being successful so I will be successful. This holds true for everyone. How ever you think, that is how you will be. Practice being the person you want to be. Practice achieving the goals you want to achieve.
We tend to think that we cannot change. If you want to change, you will change. It takes practice. We seem to wait for something to happen for us to make a change. Once I do this, I can do that. Once this happens, I can then make this happen. Stop waiting for something dramatic to happen for you to change. When you change right now and start practicing, that dramatic event has just happen. It takes you to change. It takes your thinking to change. It takes practice to make it permanent.
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