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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Self Confidence Breakdown - How to Get Your Self Confidence Back



What image do you project to the people you meet? Is it an image of a successful person? Do people perceive you in a positive way? What impression do you want people to have of you? These are very important questions to answer about your self image and the role your self image plays in your life. Your self-image plays a huge role in how people perceive you and the impression you leave on them.
The image people have of you begins with how they see you. How do you walk, do you walk head up or looking down. Do you smile when you meet people? Do you look people in the eye, or are you looking around them or past them? Your self image plays a starring role in your life. The foundation of your self-image was created in your subconscious mind by other people. Your parents, teachers, family members, friends and anyone else that was an authority figure in your early years are the basis of your self-image. What you saw these authority figures do and what you heard them say to you and about you created your self-image. The self-image is created almost entirely by the time we are nine or ten years old.
The image you have of yourself, your self-image, is found in your subconscious mind where it affects everything you do. How does you self-image control what you do? The self-image operates exactly like a cybernetic mechanism or control system. A cybernetic mechanism is a control system in animals and some machines that measure the deviation from a set goal or mean and then automatically makes adjustments to correct the deviation from that goal or mean. Think of the automatic pilot on a commercial jet. The planes computer is programmed with a flight plan which controls the automatic pilot. If the plane is blown off course, the auto pilot makes the adjustments to the flaps and the plane is put back on course without the pilot taking any action. How does that apply to the self-image? The self-image is a cybernetic instrument.
Your self-image is resident in your subconscious mind where it causes you to take actions without you consciously thinking about it. It is controlled by the programing that has been placed in your subconscious mind. That programming is also known as habits or paradigms. The habits or paradigms were programed into your subconscious mind by others so you do not have to keep them. You have the ability to change them. The good news is that you can replace these paradigms with new supportive paradigms that will allow you to create a new self-image that will support you in achieving your goals.
The results that you are currently getting in your life, the money, relationships, and your job are all affected by your self-image. If you change the self-image you change the results you are getting. How do you change the paradigms that make up your self-image? It begins with a choice; you have to be willing to change. You must be willing to decide what you really want from life. Listen to that still quiet voice deep inside and decide. Then you must begin the work.
Go someplace quiet and think, what would your ideal life look like? Write these thoughts down. Then make a list of people that you admire and aspire to be like. Write out a list of the characteristics and qualities that you like in these people. Write out a detailed description of your ideal life, everything that you dream of in vivid detail so that if someone else were to read it they would get the same image you have on the screen of your mind. Spend time every day at least 3 times a day writing out this image and thinking about your ideal self-image. Do this every day for at least ninety days and then compare your old results to your new results. You will be shocked!
Mark Johnson is a professional Executive and Personal Success coach and internationally known trainer, speaker and author. Mark Johnson's passion is to guide and teach people to reach their greatest potential and purpose. He gives a clear blueprint that allows people to use the power of their mind to achieve success in all aspects of their lives. Mark's company Success Innovations Inc. has partnered with the leading figure in the coaching industry, Bob Proctor, and his company Life Success Corporate. You can learn more at our website
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