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Friday, January 13, 2012

Useful Tips To Overcome Forgetfulness



Don't remember where you kept your car keys? Do you frequently forget to turn up for appointments? Or do you often forget where you kept your glasses, wallet etc? Forgetfulness is a very common problem among all. However, this doesn't mean that people have poor memory. First, let me share one of my graveling personal experiences. Yesterday, when I was watching one of my favorite programs, "How I Met Your Mother" on one of the channels that is included in my Dish TV Packages, I had a casual chat with my wife about an interesting topic. It was about forgetfulness.

The topic stemmed when she recalled an incident that I would like to describe. Last month, during our Christmas holidays, my wife and I went to our relatives' place. When we were about to leave the house, I couldn't recollect where I had kept my car keys. My wife and I restlessly searched for about 20 minutes. At last, when I went to the car, it was there comfortably hanging in our car door. Woooof, what a surprise? Thank God, it was safe. Many people would have experienced similar situations. It's actually because of our absent-mindedness. Many of us have the problem of forgetfulness, don't we? Well, then don't forget to scroll down to find some useful information on how to overcome forgetfulness.

Before that, let's explore what could really be the reason for absent-mindedness? Some people attribute absent-mindedness to genetic disorders. Nevertheless, it could be as a result of other external factors like excessive smoking or drinking, or injuries to the head. It may also be due to stress-related factors like pressure at work, family problems, financial problems, relationship problems etc. And the reason why people often forget where they kept their things is because they wouldn't have really paid attention to it when they kept it. Studies have revealed that lack of vitamins could lead to forgetfulness. To be more specific, Vitamin B12 plays a vital role in the development of the nervous system. And deficiency of folic acid may also lead to absent-mindedness. Include these vital vitamins in your food to overcome the problem of forgetfulness.

Here are some general strategies to overcome forgetfulness.

Improve your memory by engaging in brain games in your leisure. Proper rest is very important. Get enough sleep. Have fixed sleep timings.

Make use of the technology to your advantage. If you forget to take your tablets or forget to do things on time, use your cell phone, wristwatch, or alarm clock to set alarm.

If you are the kind of person who stays on the computer for most part of the day, you may also use it to remind you about your schedules. I use Microsoft Outlook to alert me do my work on time. Access the 'Reminders' feature on MS Outlook to set the date and time of the events. It pops up with a remainder on the time that you have set.

Have specific place to keep your things. This can be very helpful to avoid forget where you kept your things. They include things like car keys, house door keys, important files, tools, flashlight, shaving set, umbrellas, and the list is just endless. Have a specific place like a cupboard in your room to keep important things. And don't forget to keep them back in their place after using them.

Another useful way of remembering things is to use mnemonics. This method works wonders for students to prepare for their exam. As an example, let me cite a saying that's prevalent among office goers. 'Thank God Its Friday'. This can easily be remembered as 'TGIF'. All you need to do is repeat the word three or four times and it will get registered in your minds. Mnemonics can be useful to remember words as well as numbers. And try connecting things with images and scenarios. This will acts as triggers to the mind to recall the event or things. Visualizing the image of an object can be helpful to remember things much better.

I was one of those absent-minded professors not too long ago. But things have changed considerably. I'm able to remember things better. Hey, just a second, my wife wants my help. It seems like she has missed her handbag. Let me go and help her find it. That's it folks. It's your turn to help your spouse!

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