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Friday, January 13, 2012

Music - An Excellent Therapy For Stress And Tension In Today's Scenario



Our lives are filled with work, family and other personal obligations. It is difficult to manage these obligations and sometimes we feel the need to avoid them. But it is not possible. How much ever you try to avoid them, these things are still part and parcel of your life. At the end of the day, you may feel relieved when these obligations are fulfilled but you are bound to get stressed. Stress is something which will make you think twice when you take up these obligations. This stress may physically and mentally strain you. It is nature's law that human beings are the only creature that get stressed quickly and agitated. Yeah! Stress could increase your blood pressure and give you tension. Now what can be done to cope up with stress? Surely we all know that stress is unavoidable and there is always a solution to overcome it.

There are innumerable methods to relieve stress and the most effective is music. Music is one of the things that could just ease your stress blocks. A pleasing music just makes you relaxed and feel fresh. One of the best things about music is that no matter what kind of music you hear it will still give you a pleasant feeling.

I still remember my car pool friend who always listens to soft and melodious tunes on his iPod. While going to work, he would take out his iPod and would sit back and relax. Frankly most of my car pool buddies found it absurd. But it was actually effective. He would be so much energized in his work that his co-workers would just get astonished. He enthusiasm level would be so high and completes his job on time. His boss always appreciated him for his avidness in doing his work and complimented him.

Gosh! His energy level and enthusiasm would be tremendous. At times I felt that he drank about four or five cups of coffee in a day. Sometimes I felt that he was on medication or something. So one day I just inquired to him on how he was so full of energy the entire day. He just replied that I have my iPod. He took out his iPod from his pocket and showed me the entire list of melodious and soulful songs. He said "Look dude, like all people I get stressed. But as soon as I get stressed, I take out my iPod and just click the play button. My entire stress just vanishes away. You could try it."

Seriously I have heard many people saying that music therapy is one of the greatest medications for stress and tension. Many of us know that seeing is believing and I for sure was convinced. Music has this irresistible characteristic that it just eases your mind. It stimulates our brain cells, making us relaxed and refreshed. Do you know that music has been used to promote healing since ancient time? Most of the physicians and doctors used to prescribe music as a stress reliever to their patients. They never gave any medications and always told to their patients to listen to soft and melodious music.

Music therapy not only involves listening to music but also playing as well. Just imagine a room filled with people who work together. They are using different percussioninstruments and playing a song. You need to notice that most of them may have a friendship that strays outside the office. Still their rhythm and flow of music is proper and precise. How is that possible? Most of them may be non musicians and not great friends. Some could be even bitter enemies. So how is that they are able to produce a wonderful music.

This is the quality of music. No matter what kind of music people play or listen, it just mesmerizes you. From a corporate point of view the above example shows success and teamwork. Even though they were amateur and unprofessional musicians, they had the thirst of achieving success. To quench this thirst of success, each of them cooperated and showed the effect of teamwork.

In short, music is a never aging medication for people suffering from stress and tension. Hear or watch some music on your TV channel offered by cable services like Dish TV Packages and feel relaxed and happy.

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