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Sunday, January 8, 2012

How Committed Are You To Your Goal?



What is your commitment level for achieving your goal? Sometimes people don't quit because they failed, they quit because they were distracted. Imagine that you want to start a business. Your business is centered on something you enjoy doing so much you could do it for free. Now you have a job to make a living while you get your business started. The goal is to generate enough income from your business that you are able to leave your job. Along the way, you get offered a promotion at your job. It provides immediate gratification: recognition, more money (possibly), better work time, more responsibility just to name a few. The problem: your job is not what you want to do for the rest of your life. So now you are faced with a decision or a distraction.
When pursuing our goals there are two types of obstacles that you will face. The two obstacles are negative and positive. The negative obstacles are visible and recognizable. Negative obstacles test your desire. The positive obstacles are not as recognizable. Positive obstacles test your commitment. A distraction is considered a positive obstacle because it diverts your attention from your goal. A distraction will present an option.
A negative obstacle will offer some type of opposition to you pursuing your goal. These types of obstructions will present adversity that you will need to overcome. Negative obstacles test your desire in doing what ever it takes to achieve your goal. Negative obstacles require perseverance and persistence. Negative obstacles will apply pressure to your patience. Your desire and positive attitude in the face of negative obstacles will propel you to your success.
A positive obstacle will offer an alternative to your desired goal. It will present a situation having the appearance of prosperity or profitability. It will be attractive and appealing because of immediate gratification. It is an obstacle because if chosen it will prevent you from achieving your goal. It will test your commitment to your goal. Commitment to achieving your goal is the only way to get pass positive obstacles.
Whether it's positive or negative, obstacles prevent you from achieving your goals. Regardless of what you face you have to a burning desire and total commitment in achieving your goal. Don't let distractions fool you. They detour you from your goal and sometimes people never get back on track.
This is your time. Are you committed?
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