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Friday, January 27, 2012

Stress Reliever



College is a lot different as being in High school. Being in college is accompanied by great responsibilities which often give stress to a person. Stress, if not taken care of might lead to health problems or worse death itself. To lessen and end this kind of situation, you just have to discover things that you might consider as stress reliever for you. Everyone has its unique way to relieve stress. It may be the weirdest idea you think of but as long as you felt relieve whenever you do it, it is fine.
I once suffered from stress during my college years due to the piled up project deadlines by different professors, the midterm and final examinations and the financial instability of my family. I had to work part time during weekends at a pastry shop just to help my family support my education. Whenever I got home from school or work I still need to study or finish my projects to meet deadlines. This takes up a great portion of the time that is supposed to be for sleeping. If worse comes to worst, I got to deprived myself from sleep. This led me to become an unhealthy type of person. After I noticed the drop of my health I decided to discover my stress reliever.
Every time this kind of situation happens, I always prepare my stress relievers: toasted pecans and music. When I get stressed out I just turn on the music player and play some music. I usually play classical, pop and country music. I get benefited by using music as stress reliever since it doesnt take my time away. I can still do my regular activities while the music is playing. I play the types of music that would give me a calming feeling.
The pastry shop that I worked part time during my College years usually uses pecans for their pastries. They always buy ten bags of it everyday. When they still have a lot of it to spare they divide it among their workers. Every time I got my share, I always give it to my mother and request for toasted pecans. I got a jar full of toasted pecans stored on the kitchen cabinet. Every time I need some, I just go to the kitchen put two handfuls of it a bowl and bring it to my room. While I do my work, I can eat and listen to the music. Aside from being a stress reliever, it has nutritional value. Pecans contain antioxidants, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc and fiber which are good for human body. After discovering my stress reliever, my health and well being became better.
There, I have found my stress reliever. Others might think it weird but it suits me. Have you found yours? If not start thinking now. You might be on a great risk if you don't act as soon as possible. You can try my stress reliever: toasted pecans and music if you want to. Who knows, it might also work on you.

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Felicity Luck was raised in Oakwood, Ohio. She graduated college at Ohio University. She is a health enthusiast. She is now managing the pastry shop where she once worked. Even if she is a single parent with two kids, she manages her time well.

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