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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What Are The Side Effects Of Antidepressants?



What are the side effects of antidepressants?
We typically will hear all the reasons why a person should take antidepressants. The popular belief is that they are going to stabilize your mood and help you to function better in public.
The truth of the matter is that antidepressant dangers have been well documented. Most of these drugs have been proven to be ineffective in as little as six months. In fact, this treatment has lower results than what you would find from a placebo. That means you are putting harsh chemicals in your body that alter your brain chemistry and still have little effect.
In some cases, these pills are going to cause you to become worse off in the process. Some of the most common side effects that are experienced with these pills include:
Cognitive Impairment
Many of these symptoms are what the pills were prescribed to cure. In some cases, these pills can cause a person to become even more depressed!
Knowing all of this, would you really want to pump your body full of these dangerous drugs?
Some individuals who have been prescribed these antidepressants have actually ended up participating in criminal behavior. Since the chemistry of the brain is altered, they find that they do things that they normally would not do when they are off the medications.
Damage to your body can also occur when you take prescription pills. For instance, when you take these pills you are at risk of experiencing sedation. This can happen at a dangerous time and it could cause you to become seriously injured when performing a normal task.
These are health concerns that are occurring from medications that are only working on a temporary basis. This includes a short effectiveness period that couldn't outlast many of the placebos that were used in the testing trials. There is a higher risk of having an allergic reaction to the pills. This allergic reaction can cause a serious rash to spread across your body or in some cases you might experience difficulty breathing, cardiovascular problems or even death.
Some of these pills also cause a person to consider suicide as well. In fact, as a result of the increase in suicidal thoughts a patient might have on their pills, several pharmaceutical companies have issued warnings associated with their pills. Does anyone else see the irony in antidepressants causing suicides???
Sexual side effects have been reported with these drugs as well. This is the result of the changes that occur in the body. This problem can continue to worsen and can prove to be upsetting to some who take the pills. In fact, some studies have shown that the lack of ability to perform with their partner causes more anguish than the problem that was originally there.
Many of the antidepressants that you can use build up in your body as well. This means that your body becomes dependent on them. When you try to take yourself off of them, this can lead to seizures and even have fatal consequences. Because of this, doctors will slowly wean a user off the medications over time to help ensure that they don't experience these side effects. However, there may still be damage done to the chemistry of the brain.
Other antidepressant dangers may include a higher diabetes risk and damage to the immune system.
Clearly, the medications that are being used to treat patients are far more dangerous than the problems that they supposedly treat. Don't you see those commercials on tv when they mention all the side effects? It sounds like they're listing every disease known to man! It just goes on and on and on!
These pills may give you temporary relief but they will ruin your body at a later date. These antidepressant dangers should not be tolerated. There are better, safer, natural solutions to choose from.
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