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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Memory Tips - Sharpen Your Mind



Memory is a precious gift that deserves to be cherished and maintained actively. Memory is something that we normally take for granted, unless in abnormal circumstances where people may observe lapses in memory. We tend to assume that memory would stay in its place by itself forever, as long as our memory doesn't fail us. However, with time, there is always a possibility that memory might not be as it used to be in the earlier days. It is important that people invest in, and take an active effort towards, maintaining their memories properly, and a few memory tips would definitely help in preserving memory for the long run.
One of the key memory tips would be to maintain an active lifestyle filled with emotion and humour. It is a fact that messages that are presented with humour tend to reach their target audience better and stay in the memory longer. While this may apply for people at the receiving end of humour, having a positive attitude towards life and cherishing the moments is important in keeping the mind devoid of past baggage, having an impact on memory. Positive emotions and attitude spread happiness and draws the right kind of like-minded people around, which would have a ripple effect in generating positive vibrations, having the right effect on memory. Some of the other memory tips would include keeping the mind active, by engaging in intellectually stimulating topics and discussions.
Memory tips would also include engaging in intelligent games such as chess. There are many benefits of such memory tips involving games, where people tend to be fully engaged in the activity unlike some of the other tactics used where the involvement might be passive. Flexing the brain cells in trying to find solutions is a good way to keep the memory alive and kicking. Chess, or any of the long list of other intellectually stimulating games would help in achieving similar objectives and would feature among the prominent memory tips. Similarly, an active involvement in arts would also do a world of good for people looking for memory tips. Arts, such as painting, tend to have their own effects on the brain that tries to interpret the work using patterns, designs, colours and abstract notions. Apart from physical activity, taking the above-mentioned examples into consideration would serve a set of memory tips that would help you achieve your objectives of preserving your memory and sharpening your intellectual abilities.
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