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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Few Good Methods Adopted By Great Personalities For Self Improvement



The maximum number of years a man lives on the earth can go up to 150 years. However, the average expected life span of a human body is somewhere between eighty and ninety years. Therefore, we can say that everyone who is born, is destined to die some day. So what is the best possible way to live a perfect life? When I say perfect, it means something like a perfect model that is most commonly used in Economics. In Economics, a perfect model is used for various aspects. And from whatever little knowledge I possess, I can say that these perfect models are more like assumptions that we have in life. So we might get a thought as to what can these assumptions be. This is quite simple to understand when I say so.

These assumptions are mainly laid depending on the goal you want to achieve. Say, for example, a doctor wants to become a better doctor. To become a good doctor what are the qualities that are required. Hence here we get a perfect model for existence. The perfect model assumes all the good qualities or the best qualities to define a good doctor. What happens here is that all of these qualities are listed and you can be confident that if a doctor has all these qualities he is a perfect doctor or he can become the best doctor.

However, if we think a little deep on this concept, we know all these are assumptions to become perfect. Why are these assumptions laid? It is for doctors to keep in mind, that if he or she acquires all these listed qualities, he is now eligible to compete to become the best doctor in the world. Similar is the case for an engineer or anybody for that matter. This principle can be used in every aspect in life today. Believe me it just works out for a person to always become better. However, the same principle can be used for us to improve ourselves in our personal life as well. The best way to do this is to think for ourselves, and if everybody tries to do this, the world would become a better place to live in. You can find success and happiness everywhere. At times these things might be very simple to look at. While in practice sometimes it becomes complicated and requires a lot of effort doing so.

This line of thought has been developed by great people, who have achieved their lifetime awards. Be it a musician, or a politician and you can state many names who have achieved things in life. Today, with the help of internet, we get all the information about some of these great personalities. I sometimes sit to read about them featuring on my internet offered by Verizon FiOS Bundles. And most of the times, I have found that all these great personalities that we talk about today have had a set of guidelines to improve their personalities. And that's one of the main differences between a common man and great personality. So if we really want to improve ourselves, it is very simple. Read some of their autobiographies and jot down the qualities that they have you think you can follow. Now it is time for you to practice them one by one. For people in the corporate world, these kinds of activities are just another idea to improve your process. It is the same way we input an idea to improve our personal qualities to attain those leadership skills that our people have achieved in their lifetime. All it requires is a little effort to achieve in our own areas of specialization.

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Stuart is freelance writer who has written a few articles on various topics. He loves to browse through his internet offered by Verizon FiOS Bundles and reads about great personalities. Gathering ideas from them, he wants to share some ideas on self improvement.

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