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Friday, January 6, 2012

How to Boost Self Confidence in Children



Self-esteem is important to a young child. As early as possible, one must develop and boost self confidence to be able to handle life. Parents are the most influential people of children in their early lives and they can mold the self-confidence in children as they grow.
Raising children is not just a walk in the park. You have to consider a lot of things that can affect the child's self-confidence as he or she grows up. You don't want your child to be over confident nor bashful. Rearing children must be balanced enough to control their behaviors. With the proper guidance and discipline, your kid can grow up into somebody oozing with self-confidence yet still remain humble enough.
Here are five techniques on how to boost your kid's self-confidence:
1. Praise your child for every achievement of good performance in school. For sure, he'll feel better of himself and affirm that he is indeed doing well because he deserves it. This could push him to study well in school. On the other hand, giving too much praise (whenever it's not even needed) can give him the wrong impression that he is doing well even though he's not. Keep in mind that not praising a child for a job well done can lower his or her morale and it could deplete the child's self-confidence.
2. Thank the child for every good deed he or she does. This will also affirm that he has done a great deed and it will motivate him continue to do it in the future. Thanking the child for the kindness he has shown can certainly boost his self confidence in no time. It will stick to his mind that what he did is good and therefore, he will have the tendency to repeat the same action again.
3. Pay attention to your children. By letting them feel that they are loved and important they will certainly feel good about themselves. Give them attention during little things -- like with homework, artwork, school plays and other creative works. If you are not sincere on your compliments, the child will certainly notice.
4. Be proud of your child's efforts, even if it needs to be improved. Even though your son only got a B in Science, you must congratulate him and tell him he could do better the next time around. Take him out for ice cream and he'll certainly do better in school after that. This is a form of positive reinforcement.
5. Always lend an ear to your child. Listen to his questions and answer them as best and as honest as you could. Talk to you child as if he is your the same age and explain things to him in the most basic way as you can. Remember that a child knows when you are sincere or not.
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