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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Anxiety and Sleeplessness - 5 Tips to Overcome Sleep Problems Due to Anxiety

 by dons1


If you've been having sleeping problems for some time it could be due to anxiety. There is a definite link between anxiety and sleeplessness. Poor sleep reduces your effectiveness at work, affects relationships and even your health.

But if you suffer from general anxiety where you're continually under stress and always anxious, then it's very difficult to get a good night's sleep. Here, you'll discover 5 tips for anxiety and sleeplessness.

With anxiety you are constantly obsessed and inward looking, full of negative thoughts, and always worrying about issues in a way that far outweighs their seriousness. And this is even worse when you're alone, so that in bed these negative thoughts seem amplified. They go around and around your head, making it very hard to get any sleep.

Here are 5 simple tips to help you overcome your anxiety sleeping problems...

1 - Do not consume any stimulants before going to bed. These are things like tea, coffee, red bull type drinks, etc. which contain caffeine. Also alcohol, which first acts like a stimulant and then acts like a depressant. In fact, to help with your general anxiety, you should cut these out altogether.

2 - Take daily exercise. 30 minutes each day helps to relieve stress and calm you by relieving both mental and physical tension.

3 - Change to a healthy, well balanced diet. A good, healthy diet ensures that your body gets the proper amount of nutrients and the chemicals in your body and brain are properly balanced.

4 - Practice controlled breathing everyday. This exercise is great for relieving tension by helping to re-balance the oxygen / carbon dioxide ratio in your body. It's important to ensure that you breath using your diaphragm and not just your chest.

5 - Get rid of all possible stress during the day. Don't take work and work worries home with you; leave them at work. Ditch any personal relationships that are causing you daily stress and worry; your health is more important. Situations which cause you stress like shopping at busy times or driving during rush hour -- try to change these to less stressful times. Get the idea?

But the only real way to get a good night's sleep is to get rid of your general anxiety which is at the heart of your problem...

Discover the techniques you can use to get rid of anxiety by going to and prepare to get a good night's sleep again.


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