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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Change Your Emotions and Change Your Life

 By: Anders Jacobsson


Self Miracle Is Your Mental Judgment Without Thinking

A self Miracle must be unspoken as an unstated. It is reached by you and accepted. Your understanding, works automatically and matching with your original.
Change your being and it is doable the consequences might not be recognized by you at all, as you are already enjoying the life-changing moments.

Your "Survival Kit" For The Mind Is What Forces You Forward

Creative visualization and enthusiasm is a key in understanding and are included in what I call "survival kit" for the heart and soul.

These are the parts in the "survival kit" and are creating Your Self Miracle

1. Be aware of that you are always loved
2. Help others and you will obtain help yourself
3. Allow all you want have its time to come to you

When all the 3 issues mentioned above are working properly together your Self Miracle will be yours when looked-for.

Be aware of That You Are Always Loved

Not a soul can live without being loved. You can open your brain to others only to get the contact and learn for yourself.

Care for is, when studying it, a condition when everything is impartial. Nothing is aching you; your spirit, not your body or your mind is hurt, in this neutral state. You are reacting very calm. The real life is you.
This is when the energy, surrounding you, is solid and stable and has no and can not put any pressure on you.

Now when all is "calm" the real you can make the life-changing decision – you are neutral! The truthful and exact information’s comes to you and you are living and impending your "Self Miracle."

Help others and you will get help yourself

When helping others, you use your know-how to get things quicker and easier done forever helping others. Your associates, your coworkers make days easier to live and get through when helping others.
If you do your work helping others, you will be cherished and "highly ranked." You are going to feel better and you find that every day is your Self Miracle.

Let Everything You Want, Have Its Time to Move Towards You

"It is time for this to happen!" I believe that you have heard that before sometime. In my study and doing psychic readings I see that we are in so great hurry in letting everything happen before it is at all a option.

I say: "You have your own timetable for everything in life." If you run yourself and push your life, then you fail to see the opportunity to live.

Is this easy and clear enough?
If you want your Self Miracle to come to you and expand –

• "Enjoy your steps in life."
• "Be the spectator of life."
• "Find the very small hint of development that you get every day, and in real life that confirms your dreams or goals"

If you are very significant knowing what you want, then life gives you everything.

Best of wishes Anders Jacobsson

Anders Jacobsson works as Business Manager and software developer. Anders is in addition Reverend at BPI, Berkeley Psychic. Institute for Spiritual Development has also widened Anders Jacobsson knowledge in Self Improvement. Download "How to Command and Master Your Emotions" and "Three Easy Steps To A Longer, Healthier And Happier Life" at:

Change Your Life And Find Your Self-Miracle:
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