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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What Does Life Reward?

by mikegreaves


Thinking is good, and dreaming is intoxicating. These two items play a large role in success. They help you strategize and get motivated. That being said, no matter how great of a thinker and dreamer you are, those two alone will never catapult you to success. The difference between the thinker and dreamer who succeeds and the one who doesn't, is that the thinker who succeeds also takes action.

Life does not reward thinkers and dreamers. Life rewards action. Think first, have a dream or two, but then, by all means, take action.

Do you want to achieve more wealth? Then save your money, call a financial adviser, read a book on money - TAKE ACTION!

Do you want to lose weight? Then hit the treadmill, join a health club, hire a personal trainer - TAKE ACTION!

Do you want a new job? Then quit your current one, seek new opportunities, revise your resume - TAKE ACTION!

Do you want to write a book? Then begin to write, Go to the library, talk to a publisher - TAKE ACTION!

Do you want to go out more? Then introduce yourself to new people, make plans, call a friend - TAKE ACTION!

Anything you want to accomplish will only be done by bold and decisive action. Realize that action will not take place without a decision. All the wishing, dreaming, hoping and thinking will do nothing for you.

Will you succeed? Will you achieve your dreams? Will you live the life that you want? Only you can make that decision because only you can decide whether or not you will act. Your actions do not need to be perfect. They just need to be. You have the power within you to lead YOUR life as you see it. There is only one question you must answer for yourself:

Will I act? Because life rewards ACTION 
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    Taking action is improving how you think.