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Wednesday, October 20, 2010




We are aware, sometimes painfully and sometimes pleasantly; of existence!

The awareness of increase in heart rate, high blood pressure, decrease in sleep, sometimes burning stomach, associated with sense of increasing ineffectiveness with reference to time constitute an experience; which is variously described as anxiety, restlessness and tension. In fact; there are many other symptoms, which may be present in different permutations; and combinations. The subtle differences between worry, restlessness, fear, apprehension, anxiety, tension, excitability may also be described.

But what is common to all these, is the unpleasant feeling of being irresistibly nagged by, irritated by, pushed by, forced by, pressurized by or harassed by something; without any pleasant result and followed by depression; or irritability.
Since these experiences are unpleasant and we are desperate to get rid of them, the scientific and medical community works hard to find out the cause/s and treat these problems effectively. But apparently; the causes and the effective treatment still elude them!

We still are facing the same question; "��What is it that makes us anxious, restless and tense; and how to get rid of all these?"�� 

Is it lack of freedom?

Yes! It is lack of freedom; but freedom from what?

We almost always feel and erroneously so; that we suffer because of lack of "��freedom"�� of unrestricted indulgence (exploitation) or fanatic abstinence (deprivation); in terms of physical pleasures and get frustrated, prostrated, empty and pitiable at the end.

What makes us anxious, restless and tense; is; being in disharmony and discord with the core, common to us and the universal consciousness! In other words; we are anxious, restless and tense; because we are alienated from the subtle forces governing us and the nature!

This understanding enlightens us to "��enter into"�� true freedom, which is being one with the nature"��s innate and timed; melody and harmony.

We can be convinced about this; if we see the following examples of "��freedom"�� from the anxiety, restlessness and tension, arising from alienation from the nature"��s innate and timed; melody and harmony!

The embryo or fetus does not get anxious, to break open the womb, a bud does not get restless to blossom instantly into flower and a seed does get tensed to become a tree instantly, because there is no alienation!

Even though we have alienation; we are "��free"�� to get rid of the alienation; and hence the anxiety, restlessness and the tension also; through NAMASMARAN! We can verify this and succeed, whether we harbor some belief or not!

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