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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Facts About Accepting Change

by: Paul M.


In order to be successful in life, we have to accept the fact that everything around us changes, all the time. Once you have reached the point where you can accept, it is time to adapt to the world around you. You only have control over your own mind, and for some of us, that’s debatable.

First, let’s talk about accepting change. There are some things in life we have limited control over, such as relationships, decision-making, and the directions we choose to go in. You have no control over hurricanes, earthquakes, or tornados. Life and death situations will throw us "off the track" too. Now - we realize that we have some control over most situations, but what about changing jobs, technology, or an economy? In each of these cases, you also have limited control, but you have more control by adapting. For example: Computer and Internet technology now change on an almost daily basis. We have the option to refuse to advance ourselves, and our businesses. However, that will only please your competition, beyond their expectations.

How many businesses have you seen close because they didn’t adapt to the "rising tide" of change? Darwin’s theory of evolution applies to business at "light speed." Companies and families have to be willing to adapt to economic changes and be ready to "turn on a dime." Change seems to be the only permanent thing on earth. So, the only option we have is to adapt by moving forward. You can learn, enlist help, or develop strategic partnerships. It is up to you, but adapting doesn’t have to cost "an arm and a leg." The first ingredient is the motivation to adapt.

After that, "weigh up" your affordable options and proceed with caution. It important to take only calculated risks in the present economic climate. Why "lose your shirt," if you don’t have to? Devote time to research, and do your homework before making a sudden change. You should always know that you would encounter difficulties on the path to success. You can’t allow yourself time to be discouraged from taking action. There is always someone who will discourage you from taking a chance, but most of them are not successful. Beware of believing too much negative rhetoric.

Most of the free and unsolicited advice I receive comes from people who tell me how to run my business, but they don’t have one. Some of them don’t own a home either. What do I do? Listen, evaluate, and decide whether any action is warranted. Why do I bother to listen? Free advice is worth listening to, but you don’t have to act on it. You might learn something from a different point of view, and I am an eternal optimist. When you consider what you pay for an education, you may want to reconsider the value of free advice.

About Author: Paul Jerard, is a co-owner/director of Yoga teacher training at Aura Wellness Center. He has been a certified Master Yoga teacher since 1995. He is a master instructor of martial arts. He teaches Yoga, martial arts, and fitness to children, adults, and seniors. Recently he wrote: Is Running a Yoga Business Right for You? For Yoga students, who may be considering a new career as a Yoga teacher.
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