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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Goal Setting is Not For Cowards!

by: Annette


Achieving goals takes a sincere desire and commitment. Commitment is the most important ingredient short of setting the goals themselves. Without a written set of goals it is easy just to float along wherever life may lead. When goals are written down it makes them more real and they are taken more seriously. Commit to do what it takes to make each goal a reality. This should not be like the New Year's goals everyone sets and then forgets. These should be written out and reviewed regularly to be sure you are on track for success.

Goals should be very specific, realistic and measurable. A specific, realistic and measurable goal would be: Loose 15 lbs by June 2008. It is specific as to what needs to be done, it is realistic because the weight that needs to be lost can be broken down to a realistic amount each week, and it is measurable because there is a specific date that it will be completed. Never be afraid to challenge yourself with your goals. The sky is the limit; so set those goals and go for it. Goals should be based on your values. Your values are who you are and your goals should match those values.

Short term and long term goals are important to keep you focused on the big picture. Each action in the day should lead closer to the goals that are set. Break down goals into actions for each day, each week and each month so that you know what needs to be done to reach a goal. It is not good enough to say that you want to have a Masters Degree in Psychology by June of 2010. That goal will need to be broken down into steps that include getting information on Colleges and Universities, checking into financial aid and deciding whether you will attend in person or do the classes online etc. All of the steps can be broken down to make this an attainable goal.

Every goal should be regularly re-evaluated and updated. Don't be so set in your ways that you continue to push toward a goal that no longer benefits you. Goals can change as your life changes, just be sure you are changing them for the right reasons and not because you are just too lazy to do what it takes to get there. Anyone can do anything if they want it badly enough. Without goals and the commitment to achieve those goals your life will be off track. This is your road map for life. It is true you may eventually get where you are going but without a clear picture of where and when, it may take years longer than it would have with a clear written set of goals.

Value yourself enough to be successful and have the courage to plan for that success each day. There will always be excuses you can use. Maybe you don't have enough time, enough money or enough education. The bottom line is that all those excuses are just that, excuses! There is always a way to solve any issue or even turn it into an advantage if you want it bad enough. Taking the time today to set your goals and make a commitment to them will make a difference in your life for years to come! Take that step and make your dreams into reality today.
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