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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Looking For Less Stress?

 By: Esmeralda Cooper


There are products out there than can actually help reduce the harmful effects of stress. People
wearing and using these products are generally calmer, able to think more clearly, more focused, getting better sleep and having greater energy and stamina. The best part about relieving stress in this manner is there are not supplements or medications to take. One of the products out there is the Q-Link pendant, bracelet and Nimbus.

The pendant and bracelet are to be worn, preferably all the time. The Nimbus can be plugged into any USB port or hub to instantly generate a 30’ omnidirectional radius of SRT-3 Technology, to reduce the negative effects of EMF on mind and body. Stress tests have shown immediate effects from those who have worn or used the Q-Link product. After a FDA registered stress assessment system scientifically
demonstrated the immediate effects of the Q-Link technology, Steve McGregor, BioMeridian was very impressed. "I’ve conducted thousands of tests in a multitude of industries and I’ve never seen anything like Q-Link’s results", says Steve McGregor. During the study, whether the Q-Link was worn for two minutes or two days, every subject tested exhibited an increase in energy, strengthened resistance to the effects of stress and they showed a shift to their performance state. Steve McGregor stated that the great thing about the Q-Link product is that it applies to everything one does in life from work to play and even sleep. Peter Clecak. PhD., University of California Irvine concurs. He states, "Q-Link provides a key to refining nearly every aspect of life from jet lag to stress to chronic fatigue."

Q-Link was developed with scientists from Stanford University and the University of California Irvine. The Sympathetic Resonance Technology (SRT) allows the body to resist debilitating effects of electromagnetic fields. The SRT acts like a musical tuning fork resonating with your body’s cells. With the Sympathetic Resonance Technology, the biofield of the wearer is "tuned" by the pendant or
bracelet placing it in a state of balance The same is true when the Nimbus is present in your work area.

As a person who has worn a Q-Link pendant for over a year, I can truly say that the benefits of the Sympathetic Resonance Technology is phenomenal. Just a couple of weeks ago, I realized that this was the first time in years where I wasn’t feeling blue from the long dreary winter days. In the past, during the winter months I was tired, restless and discontent. Most of the time I’d find myself laying around with no energy or motivation to do anything. This year I feel better, with no feelings of being blue or depressed. I have more energy and stamina and am getting a lot accomplished. There is a calmness and peace within that everyone notices. In fact people just come out and ask me what I’m doing because of these changes. I tell them about my Q-Link and inevitably they want to try a QLink. One of my friends, who is a massage therapist bought one and told me she felt results immediately and that she feels like the QLink makes her more grounded. So, for these reasons I write about the Q-Link products and SRT technology, it is so helpful and beneficial that I want to share this information with the world.

Esmeralda Cooper is the Co-Owner of and has been very interested in alternative health methods for many years. She has been experiencing the benefits of Q-Link products and is very excited share them with others. For more information on QLink products, please go to
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