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Saturday, October 30, 2010

How to Get More Done in Less Time



Time is incredibly important to us. We can't get it back. Yet if we are looking to improve our lives, help our families and work with others it seems that there is more to add to the to do list every single day. And even if we are incredibly efficient, there will always be more to do than time to do it. As you tick each item off, two more get added to the list. But time is the one commodity that we really can't create any more of, of course we can be healthy and try to live longer. Now if good health meant living to 90 rather than 80 do you want to be using the extra 10 years at 80,or do you want to have 10 years worth of free time to do what you love, to spend with your family, to travel the world, NOW?

Always remember that all you've got is the present moment. No matter how great your future is looking, you will always be on the journey. You only arrive when you die. So you have to make sure that you are enjoying your time and spending it well right now. You can do this by getting the things you have to do done more quickly so that you free up more of your time.

Doing this is actually very easy. You just need Focus. Focus doesn't always come easy. There is so much to do that we usually attempt to multi-task and do everything at once. Divide your attention and everything you try to do will suffer. Focusing on one thing at a time means you get it done faster AND you do a better job. Remember, as I learned from Brian Tracy: What you focus on grows.

Applying your focus is actually very simple. Start your day with a little planning. What is truly important? What must get done today? Make your list of only truly important tasks. Don't forget some of the most important tasks should be your exercise program, your time with the family, etc. It's important not to work this like a usual to do list and just work your way through it. The tasks should be scheduled into the day and time slots alloted for each.

Now is where Focus comes in. In each time slot you most ONLY focus on the task alloted to that time. You need to shut down your email, send the phone straight to voicemail and find a quiet space. It's very important that if you are working on something online or on your computer you close every other window that is open. The temptation to check emails or hit refresh might be overwhelming. The quickest way to get distracted is to have Twitter and Facebook open. If the windows aren't open you would actually have to make the conscious decision to go check your email or your Facebook, and now you know that it would be detrimental to your Focus and you can make the right decision. Focus will become easier and easier as you learn to keep your computer, your desk, etc tidy.

So keep it simple: what will you do, when will you do it, and just turn off any distractions. The first couple of times you try this you may feel the temptation to check voicemails, check emails, etc. But as you start to make that move, stop and remind yourself of how important focus is and go back to your task. You will find yourself getting faster and better at everything. And getting things done quickly and well will give you the free time to live your life.

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