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Monday, October 18, 2010

Are You Dedicated or Obessed with Obtaining Success?

by: Tamir


People that are obsessed channel all of their energy in that one particular project, person, thought or thing. Nothing else matters to them but feeding their obsession. Are you one of those people? While it’s extremely important to be focused and dedicated to your goals and aspirations, you must have a clear sense of what you’re doing to get there. In other words, balance is the key. A properly balanced lifestyle makes a big difference in your lifespan as well as the way your mind and body responds to life’s events.

You may not use drugs or drink alcohol, but did you know that obsession could be worse than many drugs? When someone takes street drugs, at least they know they’re taking them. But when people are obsesses with something like work, building a business, they often don’t realize there’s a problem until the obsession takes over their life.

We can become obsessed by just about anything. Some people even become obsess by religion and prayer. If a person is doing nothing but praying and meditating all day and neglecting their other duties, then this can become a hindrance and take away from ones productivity. There’s a very fine line between being loyal to your faith or cause and being obsesses by it.

For those of you in free enterprise the whole point you went into business for yourself is so that you can have more balance in your life. Be focused, but do not be over zealous in your plans. If you allow yourself to become so obsesses with your goals that you neglect the other important things in your life, you will greatly increased your chances of failure and you may even have done worse damage than that. Of course, it is important to have a goal that inspires you and fires you up. Do not become a robot. It is all right to be serious and relentless in your pursuit, but take time to rest. Don not drive yourself crazy. Take a vacation once in awhile. Go somewhere and forget about your business or your endeavors. I guarantee you will come back with even more brilliant moves and schemes. Your mind, body, and spirit will appreciate the time away. Just as a light bulb can blow, so can you.

Maintaining balanced energy is also a major key to staying balanced. One of the things I work with my coaching clients on is changing the quality of their vibration (or energy) by showing them how to clear their core channels that blocked by their negative thoughts. Once this is down they are able to balance their energy levels more effectively and go from being obsessed or depressed to vibrate and happy.

There is a saying that I love and goes like this, whenever you think the grass is greener and more beautiful on the other side, wait until you see the grass growing under your feet!Life is about balance. When you feel the scales tilting too much in one direction, ease off. You greatly increase your chances of success when you take care of yourself.
About Author: Tamir Qadree is an Author, Speaker and Dynamic Success/Life Coach.  He currently resides in the beautiful state of California.He will energize you and enlighten you in the same breath. Learn more
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