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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Many Forms of Depression

 by intentiontwo


Mind is the most flexible part of the body. Mind can become hard as well as weak depending up on the situations. It is up to you to control the action on mind. Circumstances occur in everybody's life were you will not be able to control the mind. It can heavily swing upside down where you will be facing very high energy at some time and low energy at certain times. Depression is state of mind where you will be feeling low all time with high heart beat rate and tensions around you. You will not have a mind to concentrate on anything and always you prefer to lie down. You won't be able to even take care of your routine activities in which you were seriously indulged before.

Some of these situation changes and you may get back to normal state within few days especially when you are able to get attention from your loved ones. This may last only for few days and such situation is common if a death occurs within your family or may be due to the plight of your loved ones. On the other hand there are situations which will not change and you may remain in depressed state for days. Under such circumstances you will have to definitely seek the help of a doctor. The doctor will guide you through the correct steps and even may sent you for counselling after interacting with you to know the exact reason that is hidden deep inside your mind.

In order to get this situation corrected,complete help and cooperation from all the loved ones are very necessary. Without their help and support you won't be able to get back to the normal situations. In some cases,the state of depression will remain deep hidden in your mind without showing any external reactions. After a particular incident or age this can come out from you automatically. A common scenario is when a married woman is sitting idle at home after sending all the children to school. At this situation the loneliness will capture her strongly along with acute boredom.

This will lead to lot of unwanted thoughts even recapping all the negative incidents happened in their past life. Usually the person will normally start comparing the past with the present and also may imagine about the awaiting future. This can lead to total depression if person has suffered a lot in the past. Under such circumstances serious treatments are necessary and the person will be put in medication which will show a gradual recovery. These are all the types of alternate healing depression which are common now days in the society.

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