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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Possible Correlation to Weight and Stress Effects

 by fashionhanker


Whenever I need a little pick-me-up, I always want to be "single girl" in the crowd. I pick out several pairs of my high heels and strut around my house like I'm Heidi Klum or some other.

I've always been very interested in fashion, but I really can't deal with my weight problem.

Stress is my No.1 killer to my slim shape in the past. Maybe many women have the similar problem as me.

Stress can contribute to weight gain. When we're under stress, the fight or flight response is triggered in our bodies, leading to the release of various hormones.

Stress and weight gain are connected in many ways:

Bad diet habits

When we are under stress, it is harder for us to keep up healthy-eating habits. Whether eating to fill an emotional need or grabbing fast food simply because there's no time to prepare something healthy, a stressed-out lifestyle is rarely a healthy one. People who are too stressed and busy to make healthy dinners at home often opt to get fast food at the nearest drive-thru instead. Also, during particularly stressful times, we may eat in an attempt to fulfill emotional needs, which is sometimes called stress eating. And we may be especially likely to eat high-calorie foods during times of stress, even when we are not hungry. But weight gain when under stress may also be at least partly due to the body's system of hormonal checks and balances, which can actually promote weight gain when we are stressed out. How many times have you found yourself scouring the kitchen for a snack, or absently munching on junk food when you're stressed, but not really hungry?

Less exercise

Physical exercises are done along with dieting to maintain perfect body weight. With all the demands on our schedule, exercise may be one of the last things on our to-do list. Unfortunately, from sitting in traffic, clocking hours at our desks, and plopping in front of the TV in exhaustion at the end of the day, exercise often goes by the wayside.

The love for beauty is a nature of all human beings. In order to combat weight problems during stress and reduce the risk of fat shape, we need to get a handle on our stress. When we feel less stressed and more in control of our life, we may find it easier to stick to healthy-eating and exercise habits.

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