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Friday, October 29, 2010

Tips for answering General Knowledge Questions

 by prismarticles
See incidences happening in our environment. We almost have heard about the recent news when someone tells us about it. General Knowledge quiz is organized in many schools/colleges for testing the general knowledge of the students. There are many conditions where even knowledge full person finds it difficult to answer G.K.question. Do you really want to know about how to answer G.K. questions? Or finding tips for answering them? Then this article is just for you. In this article you will find some common tips and tricks that will help you answering the G.K. questions easily.

There is almost not any tip that will always work for answering the questions. But following tips will provide dependable guidance.

Understand the question: The first thing you have to do is to understand the question deeply. Understand what the questioner expects as answer to this question from you and prepare yourself to be giving that answer.

Take time before answering
Take time to consider your answer. This will reflect the importance of the question and give you time to consider your answer. Be careful not to overdo this by taking too long or doing it too often, especially for questions that should not require too much thought.

Maintain a positive image of you: You have to take care of the questioner and fulfill his needs. He should have a positive image of yours in his mind. Answer the question with having the purpose of the question on your mind. Answer the question in short and sweet manner.

Explain in the layman’s terms: Your answer should be understandable to the layman who may not be having the full knowledge of the term you are explaining. Do not use extraordinary words or high level words in your answer.

Maintain control: Don’t be nerves of giving answers. Control yourself. Look the questioner right in his eyes while answering the question. Give positive answer as per the expectations of the questioner.

Speak Clearly: You must answer what you know about the question clearly. Your answer should be in easy to understand manner. Everyone should understand your words.
Speak gently and clearly while answering the question.

Use the first person: The most effective part of a good answer is that it is said in first person. Use following sentences: what I would like to so, what I can, what I experience, etc.

Use Priorities: Look for words that establish priority (most, first, best, & initial). These words will help you weed out info that you really don’t need!! Always keep in mind the priorities of aspects of your answer. Understand the priority of them and arrange them based upon their priority.

By reading this article you must be now sure about your effectiveness in answering the G.K.questions. It is now upon you how do you use these suggestions in your life and probably make yourself the best answer giving guy! 
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