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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Key Steps to Overcoming Panic and Anxiety Attacks

by Jenny Mays


 Whatever your particular fear is that leads to panic and anxiety attacks, here are key steps to overcoming panic and anxiety attacks to stop fear in its tracks and have a productive life. These tips and techniques will not only help you end these fears but will also reduce your general anxiety level significantly and improve your quality of life living free and not as a prisoner of fear.

    Your fear can be of;

    - A panic attack that you do not think you can control

    - Never being free of general anxiety and panic

    - A bodily sensation that you are worried about

    - A fear of losing control to anxiety and panic

    People affected adversely by panic attacks or general anxiety almost always deal with the frequent occurrences of anxious thoughts. These anxious thoughts relate to a rational but usually relate to irrational fears. Anxiety simply sneaks up on you until you become totally and completely paralyzed with fear.

    A. Destructive Thoughts

    The pattern that follows an anxious thought is usually predictable. When the thought flashes briefly in your awareness, the first reaction is immediate and is of fear as the thought is contemplated. The fearful reaction to the thought then sends a shock-wave through the body. The result of the fear is felt most intensely in the stomach due to the nerve endings in the stomach.

    The more the person reacts to the thought, the stronger the thought rebounds over and over again in the person's consciousness creating more anxious shock-waves throughout the body creating that leads to this vicious cycle. Most people affected feel like their peace of mind is being hijacked by the anxious thoughts.

    To compound the problem, the harder that the person tries not to think about it, the more upset the person becomes.

    B. How to Eliminate Anxious Thoughts

    The first step to overcome this cycle is to not force the thoughts away when you start to experience anxious thoughts.

    Anxious thoughts will never go away fully and all we have to work on is changing our reactions to the thoughts whenever they occur.

    As you become consistent about changing your reaction to the anxious thoughts, you will become free from them day by day inch by inch. The only power the anxious thoughts have is the power that you give to them so take back your power!

    Everyone experiences fearful thoughts from time to time. The difference between most people who do not experience panic and anxiety attacks and somebody who experiences these attacks, is that the average person sees them for exactly what they are - fleeting anxious thoughts with no basis in reality, and casually ignores them.

    The person burdened by panic and anxiety thoughts is at a grave disadvantage because they already have a certain level of anxiety in their system. The thoughts very easily spark feelings of further anxiety which builds into a vicious cycle of fear. The only way this cycle can be broken is when the person changes the reaction to the fearful thought.

    Fear is usually intensified when the person tries to pull away from it. A mental tug of war occurs as the person struggles with anxious thoughts.

    To take a more productive approach to eliminating anxiety, invite the anxious thoughts in. Willingly accept them, then label them and do your very best not to react to them in fear.

    The first step is usually the hardest, but as you consistently practice not reacting to anxious thoughts, the less power they have over you and the easier and easier it becomes to not react to them. You will then no longer be a victim of fearful thinking but you shall be in control of your thoughts which is the first step in leading a productive life free from anxiety.

    Do not let your mind lead you into believing that your anxiety is something you will always have to struggle with and that it is a part of what makes you who you are. This is simply not true!

    You can have the life of your dreams. You must have the life of your dreams. Anxiety does not have the right to steal that hope and your life from you.

Depending on the severity of panic and anxiety attacks, you may want to visit my website for additional tips and resources on how to overcome panic and anxiety attacks at how to become empowered by engaging in a simple technique that will defuse any panic and anxiety attack.

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