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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Success requires Desire

 By: John Hood


The word desire is not really enough to express what is required to succeed. The word we are looking for is more like obsession. This word has been given a bad rap presently. We all need good balance and moderation in all things; however without a desire that is undeniable and uncompromising you will fall short or fail altogether. This type of desire is not new it has been with us from the beginning of time until today. Great Dreamers have existed from the beginning of civilization Nemo had a dream of a great city, Jeremiah had a dream to rebuild Jerusalem, King Solomon had a dream of the great temple, Peter and the apostles kept Christ dream alive to reconcile all men to God, John Adams had a dream of the United States free from British tyranny, Amelia Airheart dreamed of being a great aviator, Ford had the dream of the V-8 Engine, , Gates had a dream of a computer in every home, Michael Dlouhy dreamed of making helping other with MLM free for everyone, Hundred and hundred of other dreamers have changed the world around them. You too can change your life and the life of your family with the correct amount of applied DESIRE.

There are six steps to obtaining the correct desire needed for success by Napoleon Hill in he book Think and Grow Rich. First he says that our mind must be fixed very specifically on the desired out come. Second we must determine the exact amount of effort we must put forth to obtain the desired success. Third Establish a definite time line. Fourth create a very specific plan of action. Fifth put all of this in writing. Last read your step five twice a day once in the morning early and last thing before you go to sleep.

We must realize all of those who amassed great fortunes did so with a certain amount of dreaming, hoping, wishing desiring and planning. If you can not imagine yourself as a great success and a wealthy person you will not likely be one. We must have a definiteness of purpose. Our dreams mixed with a large amount of faith and desire will produce the results you are looking for.

This new economic down turn is being look at by many as dooms days. On the other hand many are looking at it as a great opportunity. Look at four of the greatest cities in the US; New York, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, all burned to the ground, yet all became our greatest cities because of the desire of the people there to make them great. Right now is the greatest opportunity to invest in property that we have seen in 20 years. If you are not willing to embrace the future you will not have one. There are literally hundreds of thousands of people looking for an opportunity on the internet everyday. We must be willing to go past what the doomsayer's are saying and imagine ourselves rising above the fray to great success. A positive attitude, along with this great desire are paramount to success.

A burning desire to succeed is the starting point of making your dreams come true. Dreams are not fulfilled with; indifference, laziness, or lack of ambition. Remember the greatest of the great have suffered through many failures before their success. Without this desire that must overcome all obstacles you will not make it. But the good new is that non of these great successes made it on there own. All of them were surrounded by a mastermind group. A number of men and women who supported, trained and cared for them through the hard time until great success was accomplished. This is a must without it there will be no success. I talk to people everyday who are looking for help, that say " I don't have any support, can you help me?, will you help me?" The answer is a resounding YES I can YES I will. I believe that by applying a burning desire and a supporting mastermind group you to can grow and succeed in your indexers', I am.

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