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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Self Help To Motivation - Unlock Yourself

 by robertoms2003


Motivation involves strong mind power. It is believed that anything can be achieved using the tools of the mind! This involves using positive thinking and will power to motivate you toward a goal. In your lifetime you will you have many goals to aspire and challenges to overcome, it is important to make sure that you keep motivated in order to live life to its fullest!

There are some key tips to follow when you`re trying to get motivated. And these guidelines vary, which means that some might work for you and others will not. It is important to find out what skills you can use and which ones to not bother with, so that you can begin your climb toward achieving the motivation that you want!

Positive thinking is one of the key elements to getting motivated. This tool can be used in every situation. It is common when faced with a problem or challenge to think negatively about it. Usually it is the first thing that pops into the head, which makes it hard to think about it in a positive light. However, when you are faced with a concern, immediately find a positive about it. And it can be something minute, but just find it and focus on it. For example; someone who loses a job will obviously immediately focus on the negative impact; possible loss of house, car, lifestyle. Those are horrible thoughts that if left focused on, could over take your thinking and create a spin of negative thoughts and feelings. A way to detour the negative thinking is to replace the bad thoughts with good ones.

Positive thoughts that could out way the negative ones in this situation would be; find a better job, use all resources, find yourself (quick so you can get back to looking for a job!), think about what you actually want to do! Some people when they lose a job will begin to think about what it is in life that they really want. Perhaps they have been in the same field for ten years or more, it may be just the thing to plan on returning to school or changing fields. Even if lifestyle changes have to be made to accommodate your new career, such as moving into an apartment or with relatives, your family will know that you are doing it for the long term and no one will judge you. Positive thinking can be used in all aspects of life, just replace a negative with a positive.

To get motivated toward something you want to do, keep it small at first. Many people for example when they are trying to diet will try to do it all at once. This unrealistic plan can lead to failure. If small steps are initially taken such as cutting out the chocolate for a week and then leaving out the junk food for another week, the small steps might just add up to the ultimate goal of weight loss. Small successes are important to keeping yourself motivated.

It is also not a bad idea to give yourself rewards for staying motivated. Kids get rewards all the time, but what about adults? And why is it wrong to reward ourselves? If you have worked out all week and feel great about it, why not buy something for yourself as a treat? Or even have that cupcake you have been eyeing at the bakery? Rewards are a great way to keep you happy!

Motivation can be achieved and`s all in the way you think and feel about it!

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