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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Securing Your Job

by robertoms2003


Firstly, make yourself an invaluable component to your company or place of work. Allow the employer to know that you are irreplaceable and absolutely invaluable by proving your dedication and your commitment. Take on extra projects, be willing to go the extra mile, and show that no one else can fulfill your part in the job you do. This way your employer will know that if misfortunes hit the company and cuts need to be made, your name will be nowhere near that list.

Be social and participate actively in the workplace. Do not only be active and social with just the people you directly work with, but be a prevalent presence in the entire company and start to build a social networking circle of friends. Even friends in other departments will help you because in case something does happen to your job, you will always have connections elsewhere. Moreover, you will start to build a long list of people that would refer you.

Become a team player and an integral member of the whole team. Motivate the other workers and show that you are not afraid to be a leader and to take charge as well as to cooperate with others. A person like this is an invaluable source to any company. Being personable and friendly with others will make you an all around more pleasing person to have around and employers will feel less inclined to let you go.

Another way to protect your job is to become an expert on a specific topic or subject in your company. Being able to be the only one who knows about a certain thing or knows how to do something no one else can, will secure you in the company as you will be hard to replace. This might take some initiative on your part, as you might have to teach yourself some things and to go after things you might not have gone after before.

To show that you are devoted to your job, take on new projects, ask for help and accept criticism. Make sure you are up to date on all of the company's new changes and renovations so that you will be current and applicable. Being a person that can adapt to changes and progress forward will make you a respected and cherished employee.

Try to make your company more money. Surely it isn't an easy task, but with a go get it and dedicated attitude, show that you are willing to make the company go further and be prosperous. In other words, show that you share the same mission as the company and are willing to make it happen. You could make suggestions to the people in charge and share your ideas that will make it known that you wish to help them thrive and flourish or you can take action on your own and make changes happen.

Try to have enthusiasm and passion for your job, as nothing can ever come to you if you don't bring zeal and drive to it. If you are not interested in your job or do not show passion and desire, then chances are you will not be able to keep it for long. 
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Roberto Sedycias works as IT consultant for Polomercantil


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