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Sunday, October 10, 2010

How To Diagnose Anxiety Disorder



 Anxiety disorder affects more people than you think. Millions of people suffer from anxiety disorders however the majority of them keep in to themselves. That"��s why it"��s important for more people to learn what it is so they can help their friends and family.
The best thing you can do is find a good experience doctor and therapist.

There is a fine line between anxiety and anxiety disorder. It is safe an often natural to feel anxious during the day for example, you are in a job interview and you"��re not sure if you going to get the job, so you try your best, even harder than usual. This type of anxiety keeps you on your toes. However some people with anxiety disorder might react differently in some situations. Anxiety attacks that leave you completely confused, dazed, scared, can often be the symptoms to anxiety disorder. If you know someone or if you feel that you are over reacting and always worried about small things in life you should consult a therapist.

When consulting a therapist or doctor make sure you check to see if they are experienced in treating patients with anxiety disorders because there are often confused with other disorders such as phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder, or depression.

How a patient develops anxiety is often unknown however what is known is that everyone starts of the same way. When an individual is born they have an automatic response mechanism that keeps them out of harms way, ie pain or being hurt. For some reason as we grow older our perception and reaction to situation changes and this is how anxiety disorder is formed.

Symptoms of anxiety disorder is often described to increase your heart rate, pressure on the chest, light-headed, shaky, queasiness, urination or bowel disorders. The mental symptoms include:

"�    Being extremely scared
"�    The need to escape to a safer place
"�    People are starting at you
"�    You may experience a delusion that you are sick

You should always consult a professional doctor or therapist before coming to any conclusion that you have anxiety disorder. They will be able to better advise and prescribe a treatment that best suits your situation.

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