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Friday, October 8, 2010

Millions of People are Dying with Tension – Medicine Free Solution

 By: Js Anandrahi


Tension is crushing millions of people to death every year. Most of the people are dying in developed countries. Various researches all over the world have proved that severe tension generates scores of serious diseases like heart-trouble, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, bronchitis, joint pains, etc.

Is it really possible to live a life without crushing tension or stress in modern world? It is true that stress is a natural phenomenon given to us by the nature to deal with day to day problems or emergency. Stress spurs a man to action.

But stress becomes dangerous when 1. There is no action to defuse the stress-giving situation, 2. Its level is high. Then it no more remains a simple and healthy stress it becomes a disease and must be treated. Psychiatrists often prescribe valium (diazepam) to loosen its grip on a person. But this medicine is heavy on the heart and nervous system. Moreover a person may get addicted to it and a prolonged use certainly causes many side-effects.

There are other simple methods to reduce tension. Fortunately the best treatment is easy and it costs nothing. And the best of the benefits is that you don't get any side-effects. Here are some tips:

1. Write the Cause of Tension

What is bothering you? What is causing tension? Write everything on a paper so that your mind gets somewhat clearer. Only then you will be able to write a plan to solve the problems. Write everything giving a serial number.

2. Solve the Problem

All the problems of life can't be solved. But you can certainly solve the problem which is giving you tension presently. Write three possible solutions to a problem. And adopt the solution that is easier and more acceptable. It is necessary to solve the problems one by one and with determination otherwise they multiply and aggravate your tension.

3. Take it Easy

It is true that you can't do without work. We must work very hard to achieve. It is good for health and mind. But once a day at least for one hour it is useful to forget work and do the things which relax you.

4. What is the Worst That Can Happen

You are unable to pay the next installment of your car. There is no money in your account, the cheque will bounce, the company man will knock at your door, company may drag you to court for non-payment. You are worrying and worrying and getting ill. What is the worse scenario: you can pay late and with a fine. The worst is that you will have to sell the car. That way you will pay all the remaining installments. In this case you can still save some money to enjoy or buy other things. When the work is better you can buy a car again. A happy and relaxed outcome. So why the worry. Cheer up. Bubble of most of the problems just burst when you cheer up and try to solve a problem in an easy way.

5. Let God Handle a Few of Your Problems

God made you so He can handle at least a few of your tough problems. So why bother too much. Try your best to solve the problems you can and leave everything else to God. Every day pray to Him to help you solve your problems and He will definitely do it.

6. Worry More to Worry Less

Whenever there is a problem there are two options: continue worrying or solve the problem. If your mind is not working on solving the problem just worry more and more. In worry or anger slow boiling is always dangerous. Let it come out in some way. The tact is that you have to worry more and intentionally till it becomes boring and ridiculous. You will be suddenly relax then. It is an amazing reverse method.

7. Simplify Your Life

A man makes his life complicated himself and gets in the grip of tension wave. Too many expectations, too many aims, too many friends to appease, too many love affairs to handle - bothering you from all the sides the whole day and the whole month. Simplify your life - have only one love affair or wife, have a few good friends, have one or two aims in life. You can't handle everything efficiently. After all you are a human being.

8. Reduce Expectations

Don't expect too much from others especially from friends and family members. Too many expectations cause heart-burn and headaches. Expect less and be happier.

9. Do More What You Fear

You talk to people and you get nervous and tensed. Talk to people more and more and the problem will disappear. You worry the dark. Intentionally enter the dark places more and more and you will become relaxed. You fear car driving on the road. Drive more and more and gradually as you practice more the fear will vanish.

10. Delegate Your Work and Worries

Only two types of persons are tension-free in this world: One who works so hard that there is hardly a place where any tension can fit. Second who delegates his work and worries to others. If you want to progress fast the second option is creative as well as a sound business policy.

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