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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Overcoming Fear when Unemployment Strikes

by computerwealth


 Worldwide and particularly in the United States, the economy is shedding jobs. The unemployment statistics are meaningless when it happens to you. The natural, human response to job loss is FEAR. FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real, but when it"��s occurring to you, it certainly feels real. There is, however, another way, the way of Love, Trust, and Freedom.

Do you believe in a higher power? It seems reasonable to me that there must be an original Creator, an original Source for all that is. Whatever you call the Source, it seems to me that IT must have loved us to have called us into being. Let us suppose that is true. It must also be true that it was the Source that wrote your employment checks, and it was IT"��s agent that signed your checks. Your "��boss"�� was simply acting as a channel for that goodness. Bosses are temporary, jobs come and go. The Source and IT"��s agents always were and always will be. Look then, not to your boss, or even the state to supply the abundance in your life. Look to the Source. Trust that if you do your part by providing service in some arena of life, the Source will continue writing the checks.

 "��The Secret"�� and great teachers through-out the ages, proposed that it is our state of consciousness that determines our experience in life. Surely then confidence and trust in the Source must be part of positive experiences. Change, including loss will happen. That is one of the laws of life. Trust in the Source allows us to ride the waves of change as skillfully as an accomplished surfer.

Another great truth is that whatever we place our attention upon will increase in our lives. If your attention is on lack and limitation that is what will increase. If our attention is on all the goodness in our life and all the goodness yet to come, that is what will increase. With this in mind, an attitude of gratitude simply makes sense. Place your attention upon abundance, the abundance that is currently in your life and the abundance yet to come, and with a grateful heart, say THANK YOU to the Source of all.

With trust in the Source, and an attitude of gratitude, now take action. Not just a little action, take massive action. When you pray, move your feet. When the attitude is right, the right opportunity will appear. For instance, you might consider  to Internet Marketing or an online home based business if the thought of financial freedom via an Internet business excites you. Whatever opportunity you choose, commit to it and take massive action. NOW.

Overcome fear with trust in the Source, an attitude of gratitude, and massive action.

About the Author:
I do my best in everything I do, say, think, feel in dedicated service to a higher power. I am a student of life and live in true abundance. Internet Marketing is a GREAT business to be in during a time of economic upheaval. I know the way, do you have the heart?

Charlene, AKA computerwealth
Turn your computer into a cash machine
Charlene Sheldon,
Internet Marketer and Student of Life.
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