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Friday, October 8, 2010

Self Esteem and Stress - Stop Worrying!

By: Sam Ease 


Quit Your Worrying!

Many people it seems as if they are married to their worries, that poor stress is controlling their lives. They wear their stress like a badge on their chests. The increase of stress and decrease in self-esteem are a wicked combination. Stress is everywhere, whether there are several small items that cause worry or one big issue. Stress is very dependent on the individual what might stress out one person is a piece of cake for the next. Why is that so? Well, the symbiotic relationship of stress management to self-esteem has a powerful impact on how we handle stress, i.e. our stress management tools are driven by our self-esteem.

The causes of stress are varied, it could be job, marriage, home, money or family. When we are stressed our minds become immersed in possibilities that have negative outcomes, this becomes obsessions and then affects sleep patterns, eating patterns and daily living. When our self-esteem is low, these stressful behaviors and situations are like carrying around a bag of bricks.

Drop that bag right now! The secret to increasing better stress management is increasing your self-esteem. Over 85% of the world's population is suffering from low self-esteem, and you can bet they are the highest stressed members of the world population. What drives low self esteem? A number of issues related to nature v. nurture, but you can beat it and increase your tolerance for stress. Successful stress management is the ability to handle your stress positively - almost thrive on it.

The first step to stress management - after you drop your bag of bricks - is to stop the worrying! To stop worrying, you need to take small incremental steps. Get organized and Prioritized! Look at what's worrying you. Once you organize what's stressing you - mentally or physically - on a list - you can then prioritize - what's most important and how you can deal with it. This is stress management at it's simplest most realistic form. Once you tackle the small things first you will begin to realize that worry doesn't help anybody. Action and confidence help everybody - starting with you. The stress of being overwhelmed will take away your energy, your self-esteem and self-confidence. Stress management begins with facing the reality of your life and moving beyond the reality to your life's desires.

Stress Management and Self-Esteem are a wicked combination because if stress management increases - self esteem increases and if stress management decreases, yes, self-esteem plummets as well. So, your stress management and self-esteem are either wicked good or wicked bad. When stress management is wicked bad, you lose a lot of energy. Your focus is completely on what may happen and not on what you can make happen. The more stress you are the lower your self-esteem. The lower your self-esteem the more stress you are likely to encounter. This can seem like an endless downward spiral. Break out of your negative stress management -by stopping the worry! Increase your self-esteem by better stress management. Use this stress management technique to boost your self-esteem to create an upward spiral of positive outcomes. Remember, the secret to self-esteem and stress management are organize and prioritize!

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