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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Top Stress Relievers to Help You Feel Better

 by samlord


There are several ways to reduce stress and make one feel relaxed. You think about one stress buster and it would be followed by a bunch of them. Here are top ten stress relievers that would be effective for you to fight out stress.

1) Breathing exercises

This is one major exercising pattern that we usually neglect. We may get in to a vigorous
work out session on a daily basis or hit a gym to get a toned body. However, what we usually miss out on is a regular session of breathing exercise.

Deep breathing is known to be the easiest and best stress relieves with several benefits for the body. These benefits include oxygenated blood flow that relaxes the brain, relaxes muscles and calms the body.

Breathing exercises are really helpful because you can perform them anywhere you want and de-stress yourself within a short period of time. Experts feel that the karate breathing meditations is the best exercise to start with. You can do this basic breathing exercise anywhere you want.

2) Meditation

Meditation is observed as the best stress reliever. It takes you are step ahead and what the deep breathing pattern has done to you. Meditation makes you enter an area of functioning that is similar to sleep. There are many added benefits such as promotion of health, benefiting hormones. When your mind focuses on nothingness, it does not work over time.

3) Guided Imagery

This idea may take a lot of time. However, it is an amazing way to keep oneself away from stress. You can imagine yourself doing a lot of activities that you enjoy. The experience will be great.

4) Visualization

This is all about amazing yourself achieving a lot of goals that you have set for yourself. These goals may include having a successful career, good health feeling more relaxed. When visualizing yourself doing well, you are actually trying to hold mastery over certain important function such as physical practice. This is just like improving your overall performance via visualization.

5) Self hypnosis

This is a process that includes certain features of guided imagery as well as visualization in conjunction with benefits that let you communicate directly while in a subconscious state. This helps you to enhance your abilities, stay away from certain habits feel less pain and develop healthier habits. You can even find answers to your questions that you may not be able to when you are awake.

6) Exercise

Exercise may be seen as a great tool to lose weight and get in shape. However, many do not realize that exercise can be a great stress buster. It distracts you from situations that are stress activation.

7) Progressive muscle relaxation

Here, you need to tense and relax all the muscle groups in your body. This can relieve a lot of tension and make you feel more healthy and relaxed.

8) Sex

Sex is common to be one of the best tension reliever. However, you may not have thought of it on an official stress relieving exercise. There are several benefits of this stress buster.

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