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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Use Your Imagination To Become What You Really Want To Be

 By: Dorris Burch


Now the exciting news is that the Creator of Life has shared with the human race His creative power of imagination. This imagination is latent in your mind this very moment and it has the power to make you. As a woman thinketh in her heart so is she. Let Him spark His great ideas into your imaginative mind. Let this God-given power within you go free!
Your imagination has the power to transform and recreate your life. If you think you can you can. If you believe a thing strongly enough, it can come to pass in your life!

When God made you, He gave you what was given to no other living organism in the universe - the immeasurable power to visualize great dreams. The daring powers of human imagination is exciting proof that you are made in the image of God. His infinite mind visualized a universe so grandiose in scale, so immense in distance, so far-reaching in miles that no human being will ever be able to see it all in a lifetime.

Use your God-sparked imagination to gain self-confidence. Imagine yourself as inferior, inadequate, mediocre, and that's all you will ever be. Imagine yourself as top notch, successful, a woman who is getting ahead, and you will move forward.

The imagination operates when you draw a clear mental picture and get a sharp mental definition of what you really want then you become enthusiastic about it. Enthusiasm produces ambition. And with the ambition you begin to pray, plan and plug into the power within. The secret power of faith. What is faith? It is the power of God working through your God-sparked imagination. Even if your dream seems impossible - begin!

1. Pick A Goal. Almost without exception these goals appear, at first inception, to be unrealistic. But nothing is impossible until you stop setting goals.

2. Getting Started. Begin by writing your idea on paper. Read it everyday at least twice a day in the morning and at night for the next 30 days.

3. Excommunicate Fear From Your Imagination. Don't let fear push you down. It is amazing how fear will creep in as you begin to imagine yourself moving forward in an enterprise. No person is ever totally immune from fear and trepidation. Once you have
created your goal in your mind you must discipline your thinking, prohibiting fear from making entrance into your imagination.

4. Imagine Goals Beyond Your Goals. You cannot live long in the joy of yesterday's accomplishments. Without challenge and achievement we are not living fully. Imagine greater levels toward which you can strive.

Dorris Burch believes an exciting, meaningful, and intentional life awaits every woman as she learns how to live beyond fear and begin living boldly. Through the Proverbs 31 Woman Experience The Enterprising Business Woman Institute of Entrepreneurial Learning Dorris coaches her clients to be heart-centered visionaries.
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