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Monday, October 11, 2010

The Youth's Career of Choice

 by Tom Simpson
When asked about what they want in the future, the youth of today will agree on one answer: fame. Thanks to the influence of pop culture, reality TV, talent searches, and of course the powerful young bloods in Hollywood, the current generation has expressed an overwhelming desire to get noticed, too.

A great advantage that this new generation has compared to previous ones is that there are numerous tools that they use to hone their skills and to create exposure for themselves. Apart from the print ads, magazines, TV commercials, and stage plays, the current generation can break out and become famous through the internet.

Generation Y, or the youngsters of the modern age, are increasingly reaping the benefits of online technology and the web. Simple video and audio uploads on social networking and video sharing sites, as demonstrated by so many internet sensations, have already caught the attention of worldwide audiences. Couple that technological breakthrough with the drive to achieve stardom and you can tell that Gen Y young men and women know how to dream big.

If you find yourself hoping for the same dreams as Gen Y, then you really need to put yourself out there and show the rest of the planet what you've got. It doesn't matter what age you are, or if you are skilled in music, modeling, or acting. Just set the right goals for yourself and use the internet to your advantage. It isn't a mystery that tons of talent scouts, talent agencies, and searchers are on the lookout for gifted people to have on their ads, shows, and commercials. Perhaps you may be the one they are looking for. To know if talent scouts are looking for baby talents, singers, actors, teen models, or anybody who has the same talent as you, then turn to ExploreTalent for guidance.

What is It is a comprehensive web resource that freely offers info on casting calls, talent searches, auditions, and others from all over the country. Want to know if there are talent spots that you can fill in within your locality? Explore Talent reviews their listings and lets you in on the what, where, and the when. If you're lucky, you can find a casting call with your name on it right in your own city!
Stay in the loop and be constantly updated about auditions and casting calls in your city by following While on the subject of using the web as a tool, you can also check out their YouTube and MySpace profiles for guidance towards your career path.

The career choices of the youth today should serve as an inspiration, for younger generations as well as older ones. The innate desire to share one's talent should never go unnoticed. Are you part of Generation Y? Do you want fame? Your new career may just be a few clicks away. Stop moping and start searching! Get online and find out what you can do with the help of Explore Talent. Unleash your potential and dream big!

The author Tom Simpson writes for Explore Talent


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