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Friday, October 1, 2010

How To Beat Self Confidence Blues - A Must Read!

 by Nicola Tewhare


 Are you having a hard time in trying to build your self-confidence? Here are some tips on how to beat self-confidence blues. Look for someone that has strong self confidence and make him/her your role model. Ask for advice and learn from them. You just simply ask them to share to you the reasons why they are so confident and what are the things they did in order to maintain their confidence level.

This is not as difficult as you may think. Role models come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. One person may have become more confident after losing weight. Another person may have become more confident after practising new skills at work.

You get to choose your role model and let their opinions guide you through your own self confidence level.

Instead of looking at your failures, direct your focus on your achievements. Just thinking of all the things you have achieved in your life will make you feel better and will make you appreciate yourself more. As for your failures, ask yourself why you failed and evaluate the things you need to do in order to avoid the same mistakes again. Look for ways on how to do it right next time so you will be able to correct what you have done.

Find out what makes you feel good and work hard to achieve those things.

Do things like you were really confident. Doing such will certainly make you feel more confident with yourself.

Know yourself more and ask yourself what it is that you like about yourself or ask your friends what they like about you. That will make you feel better and will help build your confidence level.

If you are about to do something that you feel nervous of, prepare yourself thoroughly by doing some practice.

Study any skills that you have been longing to learn. You can never be too old or too young to learn any skill you want in your life.

Practice being relaxed all the time.

Always wear a smile and stand up straight in front of so many people.

Set goals that you know you can achieve for yourself and face any challenge that may come your way.

Give some reward to yourself whenever you have been successful in doing something no matter how small the achievement is.

Finally, avoid being too competitive and stop comparing yourself to others.

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