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Friday, October 1, 2010

Marriage Can Be Stressful

 by Andrew John


 When we are getting married we never even think that the tension between us and our spouse may someday rise to the level which may destroy our feelings. Still, the sad fact is that in every marriage stress can occur in almost every moment and when we are not ready for it, it may cause separation or even a divorce. This is why we should know a few important truths about stress in a marriage. We have to have a chance to avoid some of traps or at least to know what to do when the tension between us is definitely too high and we start to hate our spouse instead of loving.

Although many of us talk a lot, more and more people have problems with communication with others. It is not only caused by the fact that sometimes we rather stay quiet that say the truth. In a marriage we feel so comfortably that sometimes we say things which can hurt our spouse. Usually we don't realize that we may destroy our relationship by doing so until it is too late. This is why we should always think twice before we say something which may be insulting to our spouse, even when we are only joking.

In almost every marriage comes the time when we feel that our spouse is not as attractive as he or she was before. Such situation doesn't have to be connected with time, it is caused by a routine rather than the time itself. When it happens, we often recall times when we fell in love and of course search for someone whom we can accuse for such situation. Still, instead of doing so we should rather break the routine and try to put the spark back into our marriage. Searching for someone to put the blame on him is the easiest way to increase the level of stress in our relationships.

Stress in the marriage is also often caused by the lack of trust. When we worry where our spouse is or why he or she is late, we automatically increase the level of stress in our relationship. What's more, some of us tend to ask their second half where they've been or why they weren't home on time. Such behavior will sooner or later lead to accusation of betrayal and make things get worse. This is why the trust is so important in marriage. Of course we have the right to worry when our spouse is late, but we should trust in his love to us. When we are unable to do it, stress will soon destroy our marriage.

There are a few distinctive points in every marriage where stress can strike. Routine, childbirth, lack of money or even moving to another place can bring tension into our relationships. Still, every problem can be solved when two people love each other and are willing to cooperate. Of course there are couples who divorce due to fact that wife wants to have a cat and her husband likes dogs and they can't find a compromise, but your marriage can be different as long as you both realize how dangerous can be stress to your love.

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