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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Choosing a ring - choosing a friend


From ancient times in all parts of the world people have been wearing some articles other than clothes on their bodies. Today we say "adorned themselves with jewelry" - metal or stone rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants. While today we speak mostly of their decorative value (often it is the most important factor that we consider while choosing jewelry), it might be interesting to learn that our ancestors had some other reasons for wearing jewelry.
Let's have a look at the parts of our body where we traditionally wear jewelry. Fingers for rings, first. According to the ancient Chinese tradition, a person's fingers are the beginnings of the body's most important energy channels, which can be "open" or "closed". If the energy channels are open and free circulation of energy is possible, the body is healthy.
Earlobes are a concentration of tiniest spots that have reflex connections with all the parts of the body (this fact is well-known to modern medicine, and in some cases doctors recommend wearing earrings to stimulate the active zones of the patient's ears). Wrists and chest are also known to have active zones that influence our nervous and immune system.
For this reason it is better if your jewelry is made of top-quality materials. Gemstones and precious metals are known to help our body to fight stress, diseases and difficult situations. Diamonds not only protect their owners, they are also one of the most beautiful creations of nature, one of its mysteries. This is why diamond jewelry was, is and will remain loved by thousands (and craved by millions).
Women's diamond jewelry is as diverse as women themselves! A brief glance at the selection (at, for example, theirs is vast and expertly sorted out) proves that a lady's diamond earrings are the clear reflection of her heart.
The heart-shaped model ERR02516W is the spirit of innocence imprinted into white gold and 0.74ct. diamonds. Given as a present these earrings definitely make HER feel a true lady, cherished and adored. It is difficult to create a more outspoken declaration of purity and faithfulness.
The process of choosing men's diamond jewelry is even more tricky and subtle. Men usually do not wear a thing just because it is beautiful, that is more characteristic of women. For a man a piece of jewelry has to be something special, to carry a message about its owner. A properly chosen diamond ring is the perfect way to speak of  a man's real leadership and manhood. Of course, mere belonging to the top-price section is not enough. Something truly outstanding, even daring is needed. Model #RP-5727-CN from looks just the right thing: 2ct. diamonds in a sophisticated golden frame will attract everybody's looks. The creative design of the ring speaks of brave and open character, the delicate combination of warm natural colors makes you think of inner warmth, reliability loving attitude to life.
The diversity of styles and shapes in jewelry excites and amazes. It is important to find just the right piece, which speaks the truth of your heart, then it will become your lifelong friend.

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